Bionic Mamas

you're not losing a vagina, you're gaining a son


If you’re here because you, too, are bionic in the lady business department, hie thee to Mullerian Anomolies Blog, and from there, to the associated yahoo group. Good people over there, and lots of support and information.

If you’re in the NYC area and looking for an RE or would just like to learn more about all this business, check out Dr. Baby Factory’s blog. He’s a good ‘un.

(Of course, if you REALLY want a blogroll, you should head over to Stirrup Queen’s Completely Anal List of Blogs That Proves That She Really Missed Her Calling as a Personal Organizer. )

Meanwhile, here are some blogs that I read, or at least that I mean to read:

1 in Vermillion
10stix, 2weeks, repeat
2012: A Conception Odessey
A little pregnant
A Natural Scientist
A Story of Two Moms
Adventures in Babymaking
An Offering of Love
Artificially Sweetened
Autism Normal
Bake One Buy One
Bang Head Here
Bao in the Oven
Beginning From The Start
Bread And Roses

.breaking into blossom.

Breathe, Dragon!
Butch and Pregnant
Car Free With Kids
Counting Chickens
Creating Motherhood
Dragondreamer’s Lair
Dreamy Prune Whip
Eeney meeney miney mommy
First Time Second Time
FtM Doctor
Gayby Rabies
Geek and Lawyer
Girls Seeking Gabber
Glum Bunny
Half a dozen of the other
Here’s To A Boring Year
Hydrangea Are Pretty
In Loco Parentis
In the wilderness
Insert Metaphor
Journey Towards Our Baby
Lesbian Dad
Lesbo Parents To Be
Life and Love in the Petri Dish

Little Pomegranate Seed
Little Wise One
Liza Was Here
Looking for a Little Turtle
Love Invents Us
Love Isn’t Enough
Love + Love = Marriage
Make It So Number One
Mama and Mummy
Mama Karma
Manapan’s Space
Marinating on life — Defining Family
MFA Mama
Mina’s Musing
Mission Impossible? Infertile Multiple Parenting Now With Extra IVF
Mommies In The Making
Mother Willing
Mrs. Spit
Musings of a Fat Chick
Musings of the Other Mother
My Preconceived Notion
My Small Obsessions
Name That Mama
No Oven For The Bun
No Suzy Homemaker
Not Sisters
Nuts In May
Ocean Dreamer
Off the IF Record
One Mama, one Mema, and a baby bird
One of his moms
Pajama Mamas
Pepibebe | Nurturing By Nature
Peter’s Cross Station
Pieces of Gray
Project Kjetil
Puffer and the Baby Fishes
Radical Doula
Regular Midwesterners
Res Cogitatae
Romancing the Stork
Schroedinger’s Womb
Scouting For Girls
Searching for My Voice
Sesame-seed-sized Dreams
So Much For Simple and Easy
Somewhat Lower
Spermination Station
Stirrup Queens
Such A Good Egg
Sugarbutch Chronicles (not always so safe for work, this one)
The Egg Drop Post
The Family O
The Good Enough Mum
The Hairy Farmer Family
The Mamas Rapscallion
The Read Thread
The Sibling Thing
The Smartness
The Woes of A Barren Lesbo — Si Se Puede!
The Young and The Infertile
Twangypearl the Elastic Girl
Two Hot Mamas
Up Popped A Fox
Urban Ecology (who would find her presence in a list of TTC and parenting blogs pretty funny, I’ll bet)
Vee and Jay
We Are What We Repeatedly Do
Where Love And Chaos Reign
We Are Fambly

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