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Hi readers, Sugar here.  I’ve taken down my last post for the time being.  It generated a bit more vitriol that Bionic and I were comfortable with, considering I was writing about someone we actually know.  I was pretty angry with that person, so possibly my tone was off.

More updates from Bionic coming soon, I hope.  Operation find a therapist who will return a message, make an appointment and then work on the right stuff is still underway.

4 thoughts on “hmmm…

  1. Hi Sugar, Hi Bionic,
    so sorry that my and or other readers’ comments weren’t the support you hoped for. wishing you a breakthrough with finding the right professional support. And helpful friends too.
    oh and a word for Jackalope: it is OK to let your mothers sleep and/or drink water from a sippy cup during the night! Give it a try! you can do it, maybe even sooner than you would have thought.
    hugs from over the ocean,

    • I have been thinking about it, and I guess I expected to have a discussion about how that way of thinking is wrong headed and prevalent, and maybe about how it’s hard to interact with people who haven’t been required to examine their opinions, rather than a total take down of that particular person, although I admit I did expect better of her. However, I think I wrote the post the wrong way for that. Many thanks to Jenny F. Scientist for alerting me to the existence of the nope octopus though. that is gold.

    • I’ll second this all around. I’m sorry, too, having also experienced first hand those kinds of interactions…

  2. Feedly let me read your earlier post. I don’t think you were at all out of line. I would have been pretty enraged at those sorts of comments too. (And likely would have gone off of the friend, despite knowing that it would be unlikely to be productive.)

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