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Micro-item Monday


item: we are home.  I wasn’t particularly sure I wanted to be, but it’s okay.

Item: but loud and smelly.

Item: both the local grocery and the food coop are out of celestial seasoning tension tamer tea. This is unacceptable.

Item: I took the kids to target today, the good one, not the hell-mouth nearer us.  They turned out to have these monstrous carts, manifest destiny carts, with room for three kids, which made my two kids extremely happy, all sitting there beside each other, watching the world roll by.  They were wearing their new matching dinosaur crossing shirts, at the Bean’s request.  They bump their bellies together and he says they are DINOMITE BLAST!  

Item: that was a lead in for a cute story about how baby-crazy my son is, but now it is very late.  He is baby-crazy and he loves his sister.  This makes up for a lot.

Otem: autocorrect is fine with that word.

Item: because the Bean loves his sister and I have a nice set of Allen wrenches and, hell, why not? he and I used Jackalope’s naptime today to convert her crib to a toddler bed.  (We also forgot that the monitor, whose receiver is right next to my bed, where she generally naps, was on.  Oop.  Short nap.) She is thrilled and ran around saying, “happy borfday!” for the rest of the day, because we told her it was a half-birthday present.  

Item: and then the weirdest thing happened.  After I nursed her for her customary 100 years tonight without a hint of drowsiness, she sat up and demanded water.  I said I would get it for her if she lay down in bed, and she nodded emphatically.  I came back with the bottle, and a little while later, she fell asleep holding my hand.  NOT NURSING.  This has happened approximately never.  


10 thoughts on “Micro-item Monday

  1. I hope it’s the beginning of a trend!

    May I borrow the Bean for some home repairs?

  2. Love that picture. Each of my kids went through a stage where they tromped through the house in their boots.

    It’s cool that Bean loves his sister so much.

  3. I love DINOMITE BLAST! And it’s good to hear that nursing to sleep eventually stops. SB has had sips of water in between sips of milk when her cup was nearby – but that was just regular nursing, not before sleeping. Anyway, they are both totally adorable!

  4. Oh man, those kids. Those fabulous kids. Jackalope in a toddler bed already. What the HELL. Wouldn’t it be comical if she just stopped nursing and started putting herself happily to sleep? Have I junked you? We have that same gear turny toy…ours is brightly colored, while it looks like everything in your life is greyscale. Hope you find that therapist–she or he could help with that.
    I know the target cart of which you speak and have always thought the kids would enjoy it. I haven’t dared to dream that either of mine might be baby crazy, but I suppose it could happen…sounds highly desirable.

    • We only accept toys made of elemental carbon, to avoid nervous excitement in the children’s developing brains. It’s made preschool shopping trickier than I like to say, but when you think of the benefits, it’s hard to imagine how people can Live With Themselves otherwise.

      On Wednesday, August 12, 2015, Bionic Mamas wrote:


  5. I am so jealous of the non-nursing bedtime. Bingo doesn’t nurse overnight anymore (just at bedtime and in the morning) and even that still feels impossibly luxurious.

  6. The DINOMITE BLAST! story is adorable.

    Thanks for your comment on my post. You are so right that I need to keep perspective about the importance of protein in lunches. Thinking about it, probably 75% of the time at home his protein at lunch is cheese, which will be fine at school. Maybe I can convince him that a tuna melt is a breakfast option…

    I am not glad to know that you are also anxious about school, but am glad to know we are not alone. We’ll get through this. Right now it looks like I can do pick up and drop off because I am still without a job, but that is likely to change. It is so nerve wracking to send them out into the world.

  7. No Tension Tamer- gah!! I love it but will happily substitute with Bengal Spice 🙂

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