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Quick Things


Two of them, because it is a weekend and because I am turning over another leaf and mean to — for real, this time! — start posting tiny things more regularly.

1. The Bean started preschool, two days a week, at an immensely loveable place that is, get this, both next to a major construction site AND technically in a subway station.  (Don’t fret: it’s above ground and not flecked with old gum or mysterious ceiling drips.)  It’s hard to imagine a more perfect campus for him.  More on this later?  Probably.

First day of school

2. Jackalope is NOT AT ALL PLEASED about being away from me for more than a few hours, far less if her company is someone other than Sugar.  Her first long day with the babysitter is Wednesday; please pray for them both.  And for us, lest the sitter quit.  Jackalope’s track record with childcare at the coop is abysmal.  Last time, they didn’t call me up to rescue her for an hour or so, by which point everyone had heard a great deal of crying.  When I arrived, a small girl came running up to me, brimming with excitement.

“She said her first word!  She said her first word!”

“That’s very exciting,” I replied.

“It was, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  That starts with A!”


8 thoughts on “Quick Things

  1. Tell me she’s eating a french fry in that photo. What a look!

  2. Jackalope has such a personality already, doesn’t she? 🙂

  3. She looks a hot and bothered in that photo. Cute outfit. Bring on summer here!

  4. E.’s nursery school is very close to a fire station and a construction site as well. Ah the joys.

    Love Jackalope. I love hot bothered babies. Babies do the best frowns.

  5. Godspeed to the sitter and Jackalope. She certainly wears disgruntled well! Best to the Bean too!

  6. I’ve been thinking of you this week and leaving Jackalope with the sitter. I hope they’re figuring it out together. I think the preschool sounds brilliant. I’m a little jealous. Love the skip.hop backpack too– Juju’s cat one bit the dust last spring after a year of very hard wear and she was SO SAD to see it go.

  7. Wow, that preschool sounds amazing. Tadpole would be very jealous.
    I hope the sitter and Jackalope settle in together. We have been facing a similar unfortunate confluence of separation anxiety plus the start of the school year.

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