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Tummy Time



One of those days when it feels like my chief accomplishment is, “almost dropped the baby BUT DIDN’T.” Not a bad day, you understand, but man, didn’t I used to do things?

But, then again, just before bed time, when we flipped Jackalope over and she began to squirm and grunt in protest, the Bean cried out, “we can do tummy time together!” So there’s that.

10 thoughts on “Tummy Time

  1. I believe this is the cuteness that people say makes up for the effort of having two. Are they right? Tell me they’re right!

    Because that is pretty damn adorable.

  2. Seriously adorable picture, right there. Definitely one of those times where the cuteness makes up for the work of having two kids.

  3. Awwww! So much cuteness!

  4. I DIE. I am dead. Your babies’ cute, it has slain me.

  5. So adorable! It’s hard to say which one is cuter.

  6. Meh, tummy time was not the highlight of any of my children’s days either. Being held was so much more fun.
    I hate it when people wish time away, or they start making prediction, (intro for precisely the latter), it is silly, but I cannot help to notice that if your children interact this way now, later on, when the little sister starts walking and talking, it will be so much more adorable. An adorable hell, sometimes, but watching siblings forging a relationship is incredible and amazing.
    Someone said that taking care of two children is easy – as long as you are not expected to do anything else. Very true. A day when you don’t drop the baby is a roaring success. Other things can surely wait until you can make time for them. Don’t feel guilty, it never helps.

  7. Oh man, so regretting not putting Bun Bun in Bunlet’s crib more often. Brainwave: I guess it’s not too late… They are amazing. He seems to be very welcoming of his sibling!

    Also, managing to flip J over is DOING THINGS.

  8. Not dropping the baby IS doing something. You are a master of accomplishment.

    Like mfamama, I have died of the cute. They are a lethal pair.

  9. My accomplishment of the day was when the baby spit up into the washing machine, all over the clean wet clothes. Why was it an accomplishment? Because it wasn’t the dryer.

    J is gorgeous! I’m so happy for you and your beautiful family!

  10. rather than hijacking May’s blog I’ll react here on your “Oh, and I have this suspicious short patch on the left side, like really, really terrible experimental bangs. (is this something an agricultural extension office might sponsor?) I didn’t notice losing that hair, but I have a good guess when it was.”

    I have had people ask me if I had tried to cut my hair myself! (no, just terrible natural bangs) Now, many months later, it is only slightly less terrible, because 4 inches long. Oh, and wildly curly. While, yes, of course, the rest of my hair has gone straight.
    Is there a word in the English language for bangs in the neck? !

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