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Promises and Birds


Hey. The fog of early infancy, I am in it. There is a lot of baby vomit on everything, but we are otherwise okay. I am also working on a post for you, for reals.

Meanwhile, please allow me to introduce an old friend of mine, finally blogging. I’m happy she is, because she’s smart and funny and generally a kick in the pants. And I’m sorry she is, because I bet she wouldn’t be if she weren’t having trouble getting knocked up and if her mother weren’t terrifyingly unwell. (That was the subject of my very last communication with my mother. How you like them apples?)

Without further ado, allow me to present The Common Ostrich. Go say hi now, y’all.

6 thoughts on “Promises and Birds

  1. oh yes, fog.
    Is it weird if I say I love baby vomit? and that after nine months of it it suddenly stopped and now 3 months later I miss it? (mhmm, I guess I would have wanted to keep a copy of her as a newborn. Although that would probably not capture the magic but turn out creepy)
    the common ostRich.
    I know, fog.
    but still.

  2. Having a baby is awesome, because then you have an excuse for the fog. I haven’t found people nearly as sympathetic to the fog of middle childhood.

    • Heeyyy, wait…. WHAT? you’re saying the fog stays for how many years???? NOOOooo (I’ll bury my head in a bar of chocolate now. That will shut me up, I promise)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m so glad to read that everything went well. xoxoxo

  4. A very belated thank you, dear. I went into an emotional coma after a visit to the family. When I came to, I was pleasantly surprised to have readers, emphasis on plural.

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