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39w4d: Fingers and Legs Firmly Crossed


Sugar says I should tell you I am still pregnant. I am still pregnant. I am hoping to remain so for at least a few more days, until local conditions improve.

Monday, it snowed and snowed. Tuesday, my lungs started to feel strangely twitchy. I loathe using my inhalers, but I dug out the less serious one. Nothing like powerful uppers to soothe the anxious mind! By Wednesday, when the weather was doing this (and if anything, these pictures understate the severity of the grossness), Sugar and I both had full-blown Colds of Filth.

I, however, also had an OB appointment, so the Bean and I suited up and gamely headed out. And then I stared at the iceberg-strewn moat that was our street and wondered how we would even get to the subway station. We were in our rain boots, but the Bean’s leak (and cannot be replaced because they are beloved). Moreover, their tops were several inches closer to the ground than the surface of the water. Something has seen fit to begin driving an axe through the middle of my pubic bone; I really can’t carry him anymore. I had hoped the man out shoveling might be the sort who would volunteer to lift him over, but no luck.

Just as I was explaining, with more certainty than I felt, how he could carefully cross via a narrow, quasi-stable-looking ice bridge, mirabile dictu! A dea-ex-machina solution arrived in the form of Sugar, who had decided she was too sick to continue on her way to work, given that the trains to that part of town had all stopped running. And so it was that we all went to the OB office together. I will spare you further tales of the trip except to say that it is remarkable how poorly this town responds to water. Too many tunnels and underground streams.

The appointment itself was fine. BPP was unremarkable, despite my panic on Tuesday that I had killed Jackalope with my inhaler. (This is why I hate those things. Though I grudgingly admit that I like breathing.) BP fine, weight steady. We saw Dr. White again and mostly talked allowable cold medicines and the confusing nature of these contractions that keep starting and stopping. “I think you’ll know,” she said of the latter. Of the former, “push fluids.” Believe me, I am. I push them in, and then I cough or sneeze and push them right back out again, if you follow.

This morning, the Bean started throwing up.

So. Here I sit, pregnant and kegelling like my life depends on it.

15 thoughts on “39w4d: Fingers and Legs Firmly Crossed

  1. Well… the child should be well-cooked by this point, yes? I hope you drown your cold in tea, or whatever, without any of it coming back the way it went down.

  2. Oh, dear. I hope you all recover quickly, and before Jackalope decides to make an appearance. Fingers crossed!!

  3. I hope everyone feels better soon. And thank you for checking in. I always wonder. 🙂
    PS. We are in the same boat with E’s snow jacket and snow pants. He should move to the next size. I have the next size. They are not identical to what he is currently wearing. He will not even consider a change.

    • Partly, I admit, my reluctance is not wanting to buy another pair in this size, since that virtually guarantees a massive growth spurt within a week of their acquisition. Still feeling burned by the sneakers we bought at full price, a size ahead of what he wore at the time, that NEVER fit.

      On Thursday, February 6, 2014, Bionic Mamas wrote:


  4. Thanks for the update!

    Hope your household is feeling better.

    LG’s birthday is Monday. It’s a good date to have a baby. Just sayin.

  5. Do you have an email address?

  6. Hoping you all get better (and that the axe bs stops–I’ve got that all the time, sadly) and have at least a little time to feel human before Jackalope makes his long-awaited debut!

  7. Oh God. Vomiting Bean. NOW. Oh God. TransAtlantic hugs.

  8. Thinking powerfully healthy thoughts for you. So you can breathe properly and not already be nauseated before you start labour, you poor woman. Let us know when we can unclench, so to speak. Good thoughts, good thoughts. Xx

  9. Whoa. That is a lot to deal with. Hoping hard for you that things clear up, both weather and illness-wise, before you deliver. Good luck!

  10. So sorry about the axe, and the filth, and the cold, and the slush. Yuck all around. I hope that you feel better before labor makes you feel worse (and then much better!). Thanks for keeping us updated. I’m all atwitter about the imminent arrival of the Jackalope.

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