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Comfort Crafting


Sugar here. I have not been feeling super about a) not getting the job/promotion I applied for at my office and b) now having to work under the person I competed against and c) not being able to just f-ing quit. Obviously now is the time to do lots of craft projects, which usually make me feel a lot better. I knitted fingerless gloves for myself, mittens for the bean (which he won’t try on, but I know once it’s freezing out he will wear) and started a fair isle pattern hat. Also, and this is the exciting part, I decided that I was never going to have time to make the sofa cover we desperately need while the bean was asleep. So…I just made it while he “helped.” I actually showed him how to use pins and he did indeed help me pin my pattern to the fabric. This was slower than me doing it myself, but WAY faster than trying to put him off while I did a thing he wasn’t allowed to do.

We’re done!

In which no one stabs any fingers…

This picture is a total lie, in that our apartment is not neat, nor do we usually have tulips hanging around.


Those tulips, by the way, are a result of the Bean’s habit of saying “I just want a flower to make me happy…” whenever he is tired or sad. Bionic got him some the last time she went shopping.

8 thoughts on “Comfort Crafting

  1. Lovely! Bean is adorable, especially his flower comment. Perhaps he’d like lovely silk flowers? Then he’d have flowers to make him happy every day.

  2. I am super impressed with your slipcover, and doubly impressed that you made it with the “help” of a two year old. Amazing! Your apartment is lovely, as is the Bean. I LOVE his flower comment. What a sweetheart.

    And I am sorry about the job situation. That sucks hard. I hope that an even better opportunity comes your way soon and you can just thumb your nose at all of them.

  3. The job situation thing makes me hopping mad on your behalf. Hopping. Mad.

    I love the Bean-improved slipcover. And all the knittings. I comforted myself by fetching the laceweight and the 2.5mm needles and knitting a scarf therein entirely in garter-stitch in a vast and total exercise in patiently not running screaming mad. It worked quite well. Good old crafting. Very crafty.

  4. Sorry for a-c. But the slipcover looks great, and the bean is adorable!

  5. I am still so sorry about the job thing.

    The couch looks great! And I admire your knitting prowess. I was determined to learn to knit last winter and failed, so think I will try again this winter.

    The Bean is, as ever, a lovely child. The flowers comment is gorgeous.

  6. Sorry about the job. That blows on several levels, as you point out. Love the couch, though! And I’m really impressed with Bean’s pinning ability. So far no one has gotten stabbed during my sewing projects, but it is really just a matter of time…

  7. So sorry about the job. It sucks being unappreciated. Sucks. But fortunately lots of things do not suck, including your genius solution to crafting with child, your slipcover (beautiful!), the flowers (pretty!), and the Bean (amazing!). I hope you feel better soon, and that you can move to a better work situation soon.

  8. You two are so lovely. What a pair! And I give you a lot of credit for letting him pin–I think it takes a might big bucket of patience to let them learn things, but we gots to. And your slipcover turned out brilliantly. I wish you didn’t have sadness to craft away…but I’m glad you’ve got a snazzy slipcover and a beautiful son.

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