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Notes for the Next Time


Hello from Amtrak, y’all. I’m riding home from DC, a little later than scheduled because of engine problems, in a freezing cold but otherwise nice coach car. The baby shower was fun and non-showery. I had a good time on the trip in general, talking to friends and eating hamburgers and taking pictures of cars wearing belts.



Now we are nearly in New York at last. I’ve been making notes for a birth plan. They are a little defensive. Lots of “be nice” in there; probably exactly the kind of thing that doesn’t get read. More on that later.

I should also probably make some better packing notes for my next trip. Item one:

This time, remember to bring underwear.

6 thoughts on “Notes for the Next Time

  1. LOL! I almost did that once. Remembered as I was getting into a car service. Threw my luggage in, ran back to my apartment, grabbed a handful of undies and tossed them in my purse. The burger looks gooood!

  2. My spouse did that once, while moving, and was known as ‘Mr. No-Pants’ for quite a while.

  3. Last week, I forgot to bring both underwear and a towel to the gym. I realized after soaking my clothing with sweat that I was going to have to dry myself with my sweatpants and then go al fresco. In a skirt. To work. I did have tights, luckily, but that was a pretty awkward day. Then I thought it was a good idea to tell Eggbert about it. Because five-year-olds are known for their discretion. Luckily, she was so amused by my drying myself with my pants that in the retelling (and retelling, and retelling) of the story to all of her little friends, she hasn’t mentioned the underwear yet, to the best of my knowledge.

  4. Ooh, Amtrak, how I love thee. The California Zephyr, silver lady.. be still my beating heart!

    Also, and more to the point, I am admiring of your getting it done re your birth plan. A therapist as well, you’re a star. Excellent, bionic.

  5. “Notes for next time” is what I have in all my lesson plans to keep track of what I should do differently…which I share with you for god only knows what reason. SO! Glad you survived, wish I could eat those fries.

    • What a coincidence: that’s what I always imagine at the beginning of the semester I will have in my lesson plans for the same purpose, but rarely actually write down. I suppose that is in itself a NNT.

      On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 8:28 PM, Bionic Mamas

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