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Matroyshka Monday


I know “Mother Charmed By Own Child” is hardly breaking news, but I can’t help that swollen feeling my heart gets when the Bean asks to play with my matroyshka dolls. I love how careful he (ahem, usually) is with them, even when they do exciting things like drive buses. And I love that my boy, whose vehicular obsessions lead many people to reassure me that his gender expression matches his genitalia, so equally loves these dolls (and OMG dollhouses). Just like his mama, on both counts.


9 thoughts on “Matroyshka Monday

  1. Those are great dolls! I wish I had a set.

  2. You know I love this. We have three sets. Clem adores them.

  3. Also, I have a question. We are going through a horrible phase with E. right now where he torments the cats: intentionally grabs them, tries to push them off the couch, says, “I make cats get upset”, etc. I’m not sure if we would always have reached this stage or if it has been caused by him being away from them for four months. Whatever the reason, it sucks.

    I am trying to take a ‘natural consequences’ stance in the hope that one of them will scratch him and he’ll learn to stop doing it. But the poor darlings, although hissing and growling, thus far refuse to defend themselves, and I feel like a horrible cat mum for sitting by. But if I remove him from the situation, or try to stop him when he heads for them, he’s getting attention and that’s feeding the behaviour.

    Just thought I’d ask if you ever dealt with anything similar and if you have any assvice.

    • So this question wasn’t aimed at me, and we have dogs not cats, but I’m going to poke my nose in anyway.

      Monkey has gone back and forth between completely ignoring the dogs and trying to play with/hug/kick/jump on the dogs. Once one of them nipped him in warning, despite Hubs being right there supervising. Monkey did not from that at all, so I don’t have much confidence in the ‘learning their lesson’ idea.

      So now we keep them separated 90% of the time, for the safety of both parties. (Or try to, now that Monkey can open the doors). Do you have a room with a nice comfy cat-place where you can let them chill in peace?

    • When Eggbert was 2-3, she was twice scratched by cats that had been tormented beyond the limits of their endurance (out of love, not spite, but from the cat’s perspective, a shrieking toddler in your face grabbing your ears is a shrieking toddler in your face grabbing your ears). She did not learn the obvious lesson, alas, but did end up with some pretty ugly scratches. I fear that if your lesson works, it may not work the way that you are hoping.

    • Ah! It’s just like having two children of different ages, and the (usually) older one goes after the smaller one! All I know is that, 5000 repetitions of ‘gentle’ later, my children have learned this lesson with animals, but not with each other. Possibly if I made them pet each other gently twice a day, it would have worked better.

  4. That’s a wonderful photo!

  5. That is precious indeed. Eggbert has never had the time of day for dollhouses, which is deeply unfortunate, given that we have both a lovely hand-me-down dollhouse and a beautiful doll castle. She will occasionally deign to let her toy dragons rampage through the castle, but the dolls? Not so much.

  6. Thanks to the other commenters for your thoughts on the cat situation. Before we went away, we were making huge strides with the ‘pat gently’ demonstration. I think I’ll just have to keep doing that, and supervise him and remove him when I see him grabbing the cats (and yes, they do have toddler-free spaces- they just keep trying to hang out with us, poor things).

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