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Food for Difficult Days


Sugar here. Bionic says all she wants to eat this pregnancy is meat, and also, that spicy food makes her tummy feel better (?) so on Sunday I tried this recipe for the East African version of meat-in-a-pocket. It took two hours from start to finish, but it sure was a tasty breakfast. (Disclaimer if you try this – it is NOT HEALTH FOOD. Also, after reading a few other recipes, I didn’t use a whole egg in each, but instead poured a little beaten egg over the meat before sealing the packet). If you are very considerate of your health, you are going to want to get a dental check up and learn about dentures depending on your age.

Here I am making them:
And eating!

Then yesterday I had my horrible eight-hour job interview (I’m trying to get promoted). Eight hours is not an exaggeration. I started at 9 am at HR and ended at 5:05 pm in my boss’s office. In between, I had a jury of my peers (9:30-10:45), a jury of everybody else in management (11-12:30), lunch interview with my boss and more peers (12:45-1:45), interviews with faculty (2:00-3:00), led a discussion for most of the above (3:15-4:00) and then interviewed with my boss again (4:00-5:00). Then I nearly died. Thankfully, I had some natural stress relief products on hand to help tide me over for the next few hours more.

When I got home Bionic made me a dinner of risotto, garlic spinach, and ethical veal (well, as ethical as eating a baby animal can be, anyway). It was delicious. And thank you Jenny F. Scientist for sending her the recipe!

8 thoughts on “Food for Difficult Days

  1. Good luck with the promotion. Oy vey that interview day sounded gruelling.

    And the food sounds delicious.

  2. Wow, and I thought I had experienced some tough interviews! Good luck!

  3. Are you interviewing for a neurosurgeon position for NASA? Da heck, what is with all this super intense and concentrated procedure?! I feel for you. That risotto though, it sounds like the best solution for calming down after such a hyper day. I love risotto. And it is so simple to make, one can hardly ruin a risotto.

  4. Meat in a pocket! My favorite thing to find there. The risotto and garlicky spinach sound like heaven. The rest of your day like a garlicky nightmare. I hope it turns out to be worth the trouble, and that the promotion comes with so much extra money, and respect that you can sell for money, and maybe an office that you can turn into an after-hours brothel for money, that you guys can buy a fancy house for all your many children.

  5. Mmmmm meat in bread. Also grrrrr academia, though if they promote you, maybe they get a pass.

  6. Good luck on your promotion!
    I’ve always wanted to make meat in a pocket–I’ve attempted leftover stew in pie shells but it’s not the same thing 🙂
    Thank you for sharing the recipe (for some reason the link takes me to an error page, but if i delete the http that is at the end of the address in the link it works)

  7. Good luck!!!!! Day long interviews are GRUELING. I’m glad it’s over!

  8. The food sounds awesome! (Who said that pregnancy cravings have anything to do with health food?)
    As for the interview marathon, it sounds grueling. I hope it works out.

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