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I held a tiny sleeping bundle and now I’m sappy


Sugar here. I’m writing this post even though we haven’t gotten past the nuchal yet (the appointment is Monday). I feel a bit superstitious about writing anything at all about Bionic’s pregnancy until after we hear those results, but here I am doing it anyway.

Yesterday evening Bionic and I took dinner to our neighbors across the hall who just had a new baby and got their clothes online, find more about it at this site. Our friend answered the door and talked to us for some time with the new little guy sleeping against her chest. Eventually I mentioned that I hadn’t seen him in the flesh before, and she just up and handed him to me. And there he was in my arms contentedly sleeping away, and there I was feeling all mushy. I do not think of myself as a baby person, but holding that tiny baby suddenly made our decision to try to have another one seem so great.

Before last night I was not feeling not-great, but I was feeling apprehensive about sleep deprivation, our lack of space, the inevitable question of money, etc., etc., and nothing about the new possible baby felt real yet. Now it feels real. I am so grateful to our neighbor for jolting me past that hurdle BEFORE the new baby arrives this time.

In other news, I spent last night in a very narrow bed with a toddler and six (six!) very pointy toy trucks. I am hoping one thing this new baby may do is sleep better than the bean, egads.

5 thoughts on “I held a tiny sleeping bundle and now I’m sappy

  1. Hi, here from May’s blog. I have two boys, the first slept absolutely horribly for his first two years, and I mean he would wake up every 40 minutes, when he was six months, it was THAT bad. The second is not sleeping loads better, but compared to his brother, things are vastly improved. And as far as I can say, ‘they’ say a lot of bull about children and such, but the one they say about ‘the second child being mellower, and it is easier for the parents’ is true. So take heart. It will be fine. Very frustrating and exhausting at times, but those moments will pass, and it will all be mostly fine. A squeeshy, warm, snuggly baby sounds positively wonderful.

    And for the love, don’t your trucks need to be tucked behind the big bear in the corner?! Ours do, every night. How can trucks, and Thomas the engine, and the tractor sleep otherwise, if not protected by the big bear in the corner of the bed?! Discuss with the power to be and settle this matter, the future of many a trucks depends on it. Best of luck. And congratulations! 🙂

  2. Awww! I like your sap, lady. I am hopeful for Bean 2’s sleep habits (and hey, eating habits), but regardless, there will be tiny sleeping bundle, and bundle that is yours, all yours. And Bionic’s. And Bean’s.

  3. I’m so glad that the delicious baby arrived in your arms at just the right time.

  4. Awwwww. Aren’t they so cute and snuggly and amnesia-inducing? I held a 5-month-old last week and she gave me a big gummy smile and I considered having another child for a whole half-hour.

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