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It’s Alive!


That’s about what I have the wherewithal for at the moment. It seems that I don’t respond any better to having blood drawn on an empty stomach than I ever did. But that’s the important part, anyway.

Thank you for all the hand-holding. I can’t tell you how it helped me. A very great deal.

Our wonderful friends insisted on taking the Bean after all, and he clearly had a great time, including his first non-mom co-bathing experience. I wish I could have been there — they are a very appealing pair — but I suppose it’s good for him to have some adventures without me. Even if they are adorable adventures.

I was quite taken aback when I came into the office, as it has been severely renovated since my last visit, to the extent of replacing most of the drippier naked lady paintings with aggressively green poppy wallpaper and adding an additional floor. Then came all the rigmarole about being out of my insurance network, the end result of which was my charging an astronomical amount to my credit card, 80% of which I very much hope will be coming back to me (although even 20% is significant). I have made peace within myself about this problem, but lord if every new receptionist and billing person doesn’t have to process with me about it.

The doctor was nice enough. I’m not sure I love her, but that is more a once-burned situation than anything I can pin on her. I imagine I will come to like her fine. She said the right things and didn’t rush us, she just also didn’t emote at me the way my main doctor here did when I told her about my adventures with Dr. Russian. On the other hand, I also wasn’t crying, shaking, or refusing to make eye contact. So her response was fine for the situation. Sugar does not seem concerned, and she is a better judge of this sort of thing.

The blood draw was for the nuchal business, which is coming up very soon. That scan will be at the high-risk place with the fancy machine. Assuming all goes well (and I am too relieved right now not to enjoy that assumption for a bit), perhaps we will get a better picture than today’s. Well, maybe better isn’t the word. Limb-ier. The critter does seem to have limbs and even to be able to wave them about, but that view was not committed to ink and paper. I suppose we will just have to actually remember it, imagine that.

14 thoughts on “It’s Alive!

  1. Hurray! On the it’s alive part, obv. Not the pukey part or the green poppy wallpaper.

  2. Hooray! Nothing like a little proof of life 🙂

  3. Love the title of this post!! And congrats, of course!

  4. 🙂 What a great post!

  5. Oh, good Lord, it’s a baby! Hurrah!

  6. 1) Hurrah!

    2) … drippy NAKED LADIES? WTF???

  7. Told ya so! Also: HOORAY!

  8. Sorry I wasn’t able to respond to your earlier post in time. Hooray for this post!

    And did I read the photo correctly- are you already 10+weeks? Holy cow- where is the time going??!!

  9. What a gorgeous little critter! Your next scan is in ~2 weeks right? Or is that at 18 weeks? I can’t remember right now 🙂

    Hopefully your friends took some pics of the Bean swimming for you, since you weren’t there for his swim trip.

  10. Alive, Alive Oh, Alive, Alive Oh, Crying Fetus! With Limb Buds! Alive, Alive Oh! What an incredible moment. I hope it was perfect. It’s one I remember so vividly in my own life, when a lot of other things have faded. And in case I sound too serious and saccharine, THIS IS FUCKING AWESOOOOOOOOOOOME!

  11. That’s just the cutest fetus! So happy to see this.

    Bryant Park some temperate weekend?

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