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I have a lot of things to tell you, internets, about our week in the north woods and the wonders of unisom for nausea and so on, but it is late and I am tired.

And spotting. I’m also spotting.

And I know, it’s pale pink and almost nothing and I scraped myself a little with the crinone applicator this morning and I maybe shouldn’t have carried a backpack while climbing that (very small) mountain yesterday and that this is exactly (to the day; I just checked) when I started a month of spotting with the Bean and all that. And I really am going to try to sleep, despite the fact that just thinking about my uterus always makes me feel like maybe it’s cramping.

But this is not what I want to be lying awake thinking about at my in-laws’ house, hundreds of miles from my bed and my cats and my doctors (who I know couldn’t do a thing even if I were there, but still).

9 thoughts on “Oh, FFS

  1. Im a lover of tradition, so if it happened with the bean (and we know how that turned out!) then I’m all for it! I’m sorry it’s stressful.

  2. Oh hell. Irrespective of sinister-or-not, just… not what you needed this time. I am sending my absolutest bestest good thoughts,

  3. Ugh! Not called for at all! Scram spotting! At least you’ve seen the successful outcome of spotting before. Deep breaths!

  4. Not what you needed right now! But, as I believe you told me when I was spotting just a few weeks ago, spotting is way more common than people say, and generally doesn’t mean anything terrible. And I would think that that’s especially true for very pale pink almost-not-even-there spotting. Hang in there! Hoping you’re able to have some relaxing vacation time around the panic.

  5. Oh, my darling! Cake! Cake and internet booze! (Which is totally allowed, by the pint). Thinking in a worried, supportive, yes-well-your-Front-Door-and-French-Windows-leaked-with-Bean-in-situ-too thoughts, with a side order of eeep and a heaping helping of ‘this is the sort of thing that INVARIABLY happens at the in-laws house. There’s some kind of cosmic LAW about it. Let us laugh in this LAW’s face. Like this – HO HO HO HA HA.’

  6. You reassured me when I spotted at six weeks, and reminded me that the product of your spotting was currently pestering you to play trains. I hope, very much, that this spotting ends in the same way.

    Thinking calm and healthy thoughts!

  7. Thinking of you. Hoping it’s nothing but a very sticky bean 2.0 getting settled in.

  8. I’ll be damned if I can think of someone who used ART to get knocked up and DIDN’T spot at some spot. Everyone spots. Just like everyone poops. The Bean II is totally fine. I promise.

  9. *Pats you reassuringly on the shoulder.* Spotting is wretched, and miserable. Just get Sugar to tell you that everything is okay in her best confident, non-patronizing way.

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