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Revolting Reassurances


Oh Nation’s Capital, I commend you for installing in your public transit stations trashcans that even a short person — gripping luggage in one hand while a toddler yanks on the other, both of them awash in the tidal torrents of commuters boarding and exiting the adjacent escalators — can vomit into with relative ease.

(The Bean further notes regarding your elevators, in contrast to comments made in New York’s Penn Station, “it doesn’t smell in here.”)

9 thoughts on “Revolting Reassurances

  1. I think that merits an actual letter to the relevant authorities 🙂
    In addition I feel I should point out that the next observant child passing the vicinity after your departure may not be able to make the same statement as the Bean did.

  2. Yay for good waste disposal design! Boo for nausea!

    I’m arriving at your pregnancy train a bit late and breathless, having been out of the country and away from internet access for almost a month, so if you heard a random “Squee!!!!” coming from the South a few minutes ago, that was me. Congratulations!

  3. I too have been sick in a public trashcan. The trashcan smells. The smell is not helping. Now I am sick. The SMELL IS NOT HELPING. Vicious spiral of horrible smell triggeriness that cannot in all hygiene be backed away from. AIGH.

    So much sympathy.

    Bean is cute.

  4. Oh. My. That sounds really unpleasant, even if it is also reassuring. I hope that you don’t have cause to investigate the relative heights of trash cans at any of the rest of your destinations…

  5. Ooooooh….I’m SORRY. This is wretched. And sweet. And wretched. Have a big drink when you get home. Also, BABY. BABY! BABY!

  6. Ah yes. We bought out first piece of baby clothing in that city, I believe to make up for the time my wife spent puking around town. So many trash cans!

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