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In Case You Were Wondering


I am depressed, resentful of the progesterone’s making me feel this way since I’m convinced I am not pregnant, the Bean refuses to nap and is about as independent as a tapeworm lately, I accidentally made the kind of lunch that was exclusively made up of foods I’m to avoid because of the whole acid reflux in my sinuses business, my acid reflux is behaving as you’d imagine, and the lunch didn’t even taste good.

I am going to drag myself and the child to the community garden now, to dump the compost and perhaps literally go eat worms.

8 thoughts on “In Case You Were Wondering

  1. Boo to bad days. I hope that an embryo is making you miserable today, not just the progesterone.

  2. Nobody knows how fat I grow on worms three times a day! Or something. Ugh. Worms. I now no longer wish to eat spaghetti.

    Anyway! Progesterone! Devil hormone! The falling asleep with a clang is fabulous, yes, but the EVERYTHING ELSE SUCKS.

    I”m just going to sit back here and twiddle my thumbs.

  3. Ahhh BUT! I read two other people trying right now besides you and I and none of the three of us are pregnant. Odds are you’re the one!

  4. Oh, I was so sure I wasn’t pregnant with Tiny Boy. So sure. And the stick turned pink five days after transfer…

  5. Hugs. Progesterone sucks.

    And I was convinced that my cycle with E. didn’t work. Even had a negative pee-stick the day before the beta to prove it (note to self: stop buying tests from the dollar store). It is a total coping mechanism to cushion the blow if it turns out to be true. Which in your case I hope it is not!

  6. Nooooooo. But I have been wondering how you were fairing. Hope the worm-eating was productive for you both 😉

  7. I am breaking my no commenting from work policy because I am SO BEHIND in my cheering you on duties (plus you already know who I am, so it’s silly not to in your case). I have been inaudibly but very vigorously cheering you on (and even thinking of Roselle on my own, now, I am so well-conditioned). I am so sorry for the acidic agonies, and OF COURSE YOU’RE DEPRESSED, but I so so hope you’re also pregnant. As terrifying and wonderful as that would be. I don’t know, man, just a great big FUCK to this whole trying trying business. Don’t eat worms, though. I’m SURE they are as bad for babies as brie.

  8. Worms would be OK so long as you cooked them right? To kill the germies?

    Thanks for reminding me how much I am NOT looking forward to starting fertility treatments again!

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