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Memorial Day Is Not Happy


I don’t begrudge picnics and parties today, but my teeth are set very much on edge by seeing HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY all over the place.  It is not a happy day, even if you are trying to sell me something.  Most baffling are images on blogs and so forth of flags set in graveyard earth, with HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY written across them.  Have we no other mood of national reflection than joy?

Not to say I refuse to be happy today at all, but I am spending at least some time thinking of Roselle, as always, and though I have happy thoughts about her, I am not happy that today is the day to think them.

4 thoughts on “Memorial Day Is Not Happy

  1. ‘Happy’ Memorial Day? Really? That is just not on. Can people not think things through further than ‘yay!’. Because, REALLY.

    To you I say wishing you peace and a good long hug on Memorial Day, and I am thinking of you and of Roselle.

  2. Yeah, Happy Memorial Day or even “have a fun weekend!” just seems wrong. First comes the fraughtness of Mothers’ Day and then the fraughtness of Memorial Day. It’s definitely good that we aren’t living in a time when most people know the pain of losing someone in War, but I guess it also makes Memorial day less understandable or less pressing to people.

  3. I never thought about this, but it’s so true.

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