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Things That Are Not “Symptoms,” A List


Two days past a 5-day transfer, an attempt to record various bodily occurrences now, while even I have to admit they have nothing to do with who is or isn’t taking up residence in the Ute of Requirement:

  • Cleavage
  • Yes, my boobs are sore and Parton-esque. But they were like this before transfer, too. Progesterone.

  • Nausea, Intermittent
  • Progesterone. Acid reflux.

  • Nausea, Extreme
  • Last time around, I blamed the progesterone, but this time it was clearly the doxycycline. Vanished as soon as I stopped taking it.

  • Cramping
  • Progesterone again, plus a side of people fussing with my cervix.

  • Spotting, Evening of Trasnfer
  • Remember how much that speculum hurt? Use your head, child.

  • Spotting, Future (Hypothetical)
  • You spotted last month, too.

  • Exhaustion, Pathological
  • Progesterone again. It’s nice sleeping through the night, though, isn’t it?

  • Vague Uterine Sensations, Various
  • Gas, child. No sesame seed ever kicked like that.

  • Mood Swings, Rapid, Violent
  • Progesterone is a hell of a drug, ain’t it?

    5 thoughts on “Things That Are Not “Symptoms,” A List

    1. I’m going through much of the same even though I have no progesterone to blame. It seems incredibly unreasonable that the symptoms of PMS should be the same as pregnancy. At 10 dpo I’m in a terrible cycle of noticing something different, dismissing each symptom, and then feeling sad and hopeless until the next symptom occurs. Awesome. Good luck!

    2. Ahhh yes that damned progesterone, it had me all tied up in knots too.

    3. I swear I never had any of these symptoms from P before, but I guess everything’s different now.

    4. Progesterone is tricky! Though so are embryos. I hope that at least some of the symptoms are caused by the latter.

    5. the “ute of requirement” is my favorite new ttc phrase. I love it 🙂

      sending hopes that beautiful little embryo is warmly snuggled in.

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