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Obligatory Drug Shipment Picture




(It’s okay. I shouldn’t need any of those before next week. The first thing I need is the ovidrel trigger, which wasn’t in that box anyway, since the insurance company won’t fill it until they get the paper prescription. That’s a bit dicey, since I’m supposed to bring it to the clinic on Saturday, just in case it’s time (which I very much doubt), but it turns out I’m allowed to get that one from a regular pharmacy if necessary. I thought I only got to do that once this lifetime (and I already had to for the Bean’s cycle), but it turns out it’s now always allowed for that one drug. So if it comes to it, I figure I’ll get them to write me a new prescription on Saturday and fill it myself that afternoon.)

6 thoughts on “Obligatory Drug Shipment Picture

  1. ha! I needed that dose of humor with this process. We get our next shipment of drugs on Tuesday and Im guessing it will be a BOATLOAD (see my earlier post on the subject to know just how wrong I can be…)


    • You want scary, you should come to the post office where I’ll have to schlep to pick this stuff up on Monday. In fairness, it’s been some years since an employee there last threatened me with bodily harm, but still.

      • I hope when/if/when/IF (let’s not get ahead of ourselves) I go collect my own metric fucktonne of Better Reproduction By Chemistry, they’ll be delivered by a Mariachi band with extra rose-petals. They cost enough.

  3. This looks like a Sign Of Progress. I like that!


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