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Meanwhile, Back At Prostaglandin Ranch


…having my period while barred from NSAIDs and taking care of a toddler (which precludes a Percocet haze) is going just about as fucking well as you might fucking imagine.

I would happily gnaw my way through most of a bottle of ibuprofen, naproxen, or gin right now. Or an electrical cord.

Since, however, the reason to avoid the NSAIDs is because the prednisone is dicey for the GI tract and since following treatment based on the theory that my stomach is contributing to my sinus woes seems to be helping, I will just carry on with my present course of weeping at what must seem to the Bean like complete random.

…maybe just the barest nibble of percocet?

ETA: I took half of one. Still feels like there’s a raccoon in my innards, but at least it’s more lethargic now.

8 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back At Prostaglandin Ranch

  1. Oh God. Oh God oh God oh God. Really? No painkillers? OhGodohGodohGodohGod *weeps in sympathy*

  2. I’m imagining your stomach reaching up your esophagus to grab your sinuses and give them a good shake.

    Surely the toddler doesn’t preclude ALL Percocet usage! Maybe half of one? Really, none? Ack.

  3. Oh man, you have my sympathy. Glad the half a Percocet calmed the rabid raccoon.

  4. Sounds fucking awful. Fucking raccoon. At least it’s not a rat.

  5. Oh man, I am so fucking sorry! I think you should take the whole percocet, and if the Bean objects, give him one too! (I jest, I think.)

  6. UGH. That fucking sucks. But I did get a chuckle out of your subject line. Hope things are feeling better today!

  7. ive been a bad poster lately but i am laughing, ur, reading along. Sorry for the pain but YEAH for getting this cycle started!

  8. I am so so sorry. This all seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

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