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In Which I Go Pale While Teaching


I owe you a post, I know. Several, actually.

But tonight, in my fiction class, when I flipped open my iPad to look at the reading, what caught my eye was the first line of an email from Sugar:

“So I guess the Bean has the stomach flu.”

I might be a few more days.

5 thoughts on “In Which I Go Pale While Teaching

  1. Guh. Hope he’s feeling better soon. And I hope you & Sugar escape unscathed!

  2. Oh I live in fear of the stomach flu. I hope it stays contained to the Bean and that it passes quickly.

  3. Oh dear. I hope it was a false alarm. You know, just regular vomiting all over.

  4. Oh no! Eggbert had “the pukies,” as we call it, last week. It was horrible. But she’s better now, and we somehow didn’t get it. I hope you, Sugar, and the Bean get off as easily.

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