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And Now We Are Two


Also, we came down with a cold about two hours after our birthday party. Let’s hope the Bean wasn’t just Typhoid Mary to his assembled friends.

The Bean wanted to read this book, one of his favorites, to you, our Internet friends. (That last, cut-off word is “friends.”)  It was a bit less garbled when he read it to Bear the other day, but big audiences can make a person nervous.

Thank you all, for keeping us (relatively) sane so far.  Onward to three!

16 thoughts on “And Now We Are Two

  1. Could he be any cuter? No, he could not.

  2. This put such a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing this little ray of sunshine with us!

  3. O.M.G. First, Bean is the cutest thing ever. Happy happy birthday to your two-year-old. Second, I am jealous. I know we have three months, but Bunny won’t be reading books on his second birthday.

  4. What is it about sick kids and birthdays?

    Hope it was a happy one, otherwise! Yay for TWO!!

  5. Oh I just love him.

    And he is a superstar.

    Happy birthday, Bean!

  6. Aww! Happy Birthday, dude!

  7. His little voice is almost the cutest thing in the world, the actual cutest being the look he gave the camera around page three.

  8. He’s an adorable genius! I can’t believe he’s 2.

  9. Oh My Stars is he awesome.

  10. 2! Its amazing…we love that book too! He is adorable…

  11. What a cutie pie!
    Good reading, Bean! And Happy Birthday!!

  12. Happy birthday, little one! As for germs: inevitable, but still miserable. Hope you feel better soon.

  13. Thanks for your comment. If it helps at all, while outweighing the Bean by a hefty amount I am sure, neither of my guys are speaking at anywhere NEAR this level. And so naturally, this video made me anxious. (Which is to say nothing of how dazzled I was by the Bean’s adorableness.) And so it goes… 🙂

  14. I lifted my ban on watching videos of other people’s children in honor of the Bean’s birthday, and HOT DAMN, that is one beautiful and charming child. Which I knew already. I hope two is an amazing year for this perfect, magical little person. And his parents.

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