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A banal question on a dreary Wednesday. Seriously, really banal. Ready?

Do you have a particular recommendation for disposable diapers?

(I DID warn you.)

We have been big fans of the Target Up & Up ones: cheap, not hideous, delivered by mail, fit the Bean’s tiny little butt well, leak only under extreme duress. Sadly, Target is a moron and has changed their design. (I have expressed this opinion to corporate, in scientific detail, and have been presented with a gift card I guess I will use on wipes, which remain very good.) We encountered the new ones, recognizable by their star pattern that has replaced the old dots, at my parents’ house over the holidays. I spent the whole time trying to figure out what we were doing differently that was resulting in 3-4 dramatic diaper failures each day — had the Bean grown? Was he drinking more? Were we forgetting to change him? — only to discover via the internet that the problem was a massive brand suicide on Target’s part.

So. Anything you like? We have in the past used Pampers (okay but weirdly puffy and somewhat leaky), Huggies (an expensive disaster, including multiple interior failures ending with silicon beads all over the Bean’s Business), 365 (almost as bad as the new Target ones, much pricier), and Luvs (okay, if ugly and plastic-y). Do I sound hard to please? I wasn’t, until Target decided to throw our love away.

P.S. First person to crow about cloth diapers gets to wash them, wash my tub after our tiny washer drains into it, and find somewhere to hang them dry that is not our apartment, ’cause there is no room at the inn, honey.

36 thoughts on “Banality

  1. Ah. We found Luvs horrible and leaky on tiny tushes, actually. Beyond that I’ve only used a variety of latex-free ones since Bug gets a rash from latex (agh!) and the Target dot ones, which I am TRAGICALLY sad about now. We got a box of, I don’t know, 192, which lasts about six months (only at night, that is, one per night), so I had no idea!

  2. We use Pampers. They seem to treat Z well, both the swaddlers and the 12hr variety. We used cloth with a laundry service until Z started daycare. It was awesome, but expensive and LEAKY. So there. No crowing. We ❤ the 12 hour diaper although I shudder to think what chemicals we are exposing our precious boy to…

  3. Hmm we use up and up on the Wigglers and haven’t encountered the new design but then again we live in the birthplace of the bullseye so perhaps out surplus is higher… But I am not excited about this prospect. Guess it’s time to get my arse in gear with potty training. In my spare time of course. We used pampers post cloth diapers and they were fine just expensive.

  4. Pampers. Says my wallet with a gigantic sigh.

  5. We use cloth, but Pampers for overnight and trips. So far, some leaks, but not too many on our skinny Bean.

  6. Oh, but if there’s a Costco near you I’ve heard good things about their store brand. Maybe worth checking out?

  7. We use Pampers for travel and when Juju has a rash. We’ve used both Baby Dry (?) and Cruisers and prefer the Baby Dry. We did OK with the Seventh Generation ones but did have some leaks and they were a tricky fit, on Juju at least. Huggies left gel beads on Juju’s skin and I was not pleased about it. And they’re ugly, but so are all disposables. Good luck!

  8. Since we cloth diaper most of the time, we use expensive, Swedish disposables when we need them (Naty by Nature Babycare). We do love them but wouldn’t really recommend them for full time use since they’re pricey. FYI – you can buy Costco brand (Kirkland) on

  9. I actually like the Kroger brand, I live in the Midwest, I don’t know if those are accessible…. Also, the Sam’s Club diapers aren’t to bad either. Good luck with the diaper hunt!

  10. We use cloth but have recently had good luck with Earth’s Best while on outings. They are somewhat pricey but are available on amazon.

  11. We loved Earth’s Best disposables, but we mainly used GroVia hybrids.

  12. I used Pampers swaddlers/cruisers with LG. Tiny Boy, when not in cloth, is generally in seventh generation. He wears them overnight and they don’t leak, even breastfeeding like 60 million times. (yeah, slight exaggeration, but you get the gist)

  13. We use Earth’s Best because everything else (including 7th gen) give Bunny diaper rash. But if we weren’t worried about the boy’s sensitive nethers, we’d go for Roundy’s brand. Super cheap and super effective plus less rash than many others we’be tried in diaper emergencies.

  14. We just experienced a diaper shift too. We had been using Nurtured by Nature, which with Amazon Prime and its subscribe and save deal were not that expensive. But they suddenly started giving the monkey a rash, so we just quit using them. (We have three packs left if you want to try them.) I don’t think 7th Gen will fit Bean well. They are very saggy baggy in the butt. Right now we are on the fancy Swedish ones which are very trim-fitting. Happy to give you a sample of those as well. I think they are a little too snug around the waiste for us so we will probably continue the search. Or potty train! Oy vey.

  15. We use cloth too, mostly. But Monkey’s propensity to wake up the second he wets his nappy has led us to try pretty much every brand/combination of nappy to find one that let him sleep with wet pants (the answer is NONE). So when we do use disposables, we use Snugglers. I’m not sure if these are only an Australian brand or what, but they’re reasonably cheap (compared to Huggies anyway) and we haven’t had any problems with them.

  16. I could use a little banality these days…

    I made the decision that I was _not_ going to “DO” diapers when we saw those two blobs at our 5 week u/s. I was going to buy whatever disposable brand and not feel bad about using the crap out of them (pun intended.) For the first 18 months of the Turtles’ lives, that meant Pampers. Which we loved and had no problems with. Last summer, at 18 months, on a whim, we gave the Target brand a whirl and found them to be 100% satisfactory and functional and nearly half the price. So that’s been our brand now for 7 months. We have not (at least here in our fair state) seen this design switch of which you speak. But I will look for it vigilantly and fear it mightily.

    PS: Happy birthday to the Bean, tomorrow!

  17. your “PS” made me laugh 🙂
    we use cloth most of the time (which i am NOT recommending for fear of doing your laundry too) and use Huggies for overnights and out-of-town excursions. i love buying them at target when they are on sale and pairing them with a store coupon AND a manufacturer’s coupon. it makes me ridiculously giddy.
    the only ones we’ve used and hated were Pampers; something about their chemically smell is too much for me.

  18. We use 7th generation on subscribe and save through Amazon mom. We bought the overnights and are less happy with them than we are with the regular ones. The regular pack last shipment was $39 for a 4 pack. Much less expensive than in the stores.

  19. I am no help since we use cloth and then President’s Choice Green diapers at nighttime, which I suspect are only available in the Great White North.

    But I’m mainly posting to say HOW is it possible that it is the Bean’s birthday tomorrow??!!

  20. Pampers fan over here. Always have been. The Cruisers are thin and we’ve had zero leakage issues with a large boy. 30lbs at 17 months large, and the size 5 work just fine. We buy them at BJs (similar to Costco) with an in store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon and call it a day. I’ve never noticed a chemical smell, and I’m super sensitive to smells…off to sniff some clean diapers…

  21. We liked Kirkland diapers from Costco. Simple, cheap, usually a cute animal frolicking somewhere on it.

  22. If you’re using, try their brand of diapers. I like them more than Pampers or Huggies.

  23. 7th Generation. Also the English brand of Pampers. But they’re harder to get ahold of in Brooklyn. Although it IS NYC…

  24. Huggies have been discontinued here owing to the exploding issue… just thought you’d like to know that.

    We just buy random brands when we aren’t using washables. We have an overhead drying rack. Highly recommended for small houses/flats even if you don’t want to dry nappies – takes up no space and dries stuff quickly.

    • Oh, we very much have a drying rack! That (and the shower curtain rod, and assorted chairs and sometimes the step ladder and the granny cart) is where our clothes dry. It’s just that our apartment is less than 600 square feet, and there isn’t room for another one.

      Plus, I can’t deal with any more poop in my tub than gets there incidentally.

  25. PS our best nappy story ever. We were on holiday in the South of France and went out with stroller, change mat, wipes, everything except nappies (and we’d just bought about 50, the smallest pack we could find, so weren’t about to buy a whole other pack). We randomly walked up to a couple sitting outside a restaurant with a baby about the right size and I bravely asked if they spoke English (I was prepared to try French if I needed to). Fortunately they were Irish and the baby was in the same size nappies, they gave us a day’s supply!

    So we have used British, Irish, French and US nappies. None really better or worse.

  26. We’ve tried just about every disposable between our two kids and really like Walmart’s store brand-Parent’s Choice, I think it’s carried at Sam’s Club too. We almost never have leaks, even overnight. We’ve also had good luck with the Huggies brand that is more expensive per diaper–the one in the all red package, not the red and white package-but I only buy them 2-3 times a year, when I find an awesome deal at CVS or Walgreens.

  27. By this age, both of my kids were free of diapers in the day. So if you work from home, why not let bean running round naked? Oh right, Americans don’t like suggestions, my bad. Sorry and good luck with finding the best and cheap brand.

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