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Phone Calls, Nausea, and Righteous Indignation


Trigger pulled. I have called the Baby Factory and made an appointment for a consult.

Somehow this visit is two weeks from today. It took me three months to get an appointment last time. I had kind of counted on a long waiting period to Think About What I’ve Done. I feel like some kind of straight, fertile person, all falling into bed drunk and ending up pregnant. (Okay, maybe this is a little extreme, given that all I’ve done is make an appointment to sit around and talk, maybe with a side visit from the ol’ dildo-cam.)

Distracting me from my anxiety nausea is humiliation-style anger over the questionnaire I just completed on the phone with Sugar’s insurance company (currently also mine) to determine whether or not my queer lady parts have the right to their precious, paltry infertility benefit. You know, the one my premiums are paying for. Yet to be determined, for the record, but the nurse on the line (who was very nice and as helpful as she could be, under the circumstances) told me how to get the consult coded so that it would come under my regular medical benefit. I hope they will decide that my various diagnoses are enough to let me use my money, should it come to that, but tomorrow I will turn in the paperwork at the distant job I took this semester expressly because it gives me a few months’ worth of the Best Insurance Ever, which brought you the Bean.

…who is currently having a tantrum over my not reading him the book about trucks that has been repeatedly shoved at my hands in the five minutes it’s taken to type this. So. Ttfn, all that.

11 thoughts on “Phone Calls, Nausea, and Righteous Indignation

  1. Congratulations! That took guts. Reading it makes me feel kind of jealous, which is I guess a sign that I should make a similar phone call. I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. Anyway, I think the Bean is going to be a really wonderful big brother.

  2. Very exciting phone call! We joke that this pregnancy is our surprise pregnancy. Because, honestly, we were damn surprised to be pregnant in a matter of months rather than years.

  3. Exciting news! I went back last week, but we won’t be doing a FET until we’re back from being overseas in September. But it was still really weird to be in the clinic again.

  4. LOL. I had the same experience. My appt is next week. Too soon!

    I wonder if it’s a slow spell in the FF world?

  5. Huzzah!!!!

    You make ze cute babies.

    I would love another one but my over 35 and marital status makes it about as likely as an immaculate conception even without the infertility….


  6. HIGH FIVES! Not to get all schmalzty so early, but seeing as how you’re pretty much pregnant already, I have to share the fact that “Bun Bun, will you read that book to your brother?” is pretty much the best, most endearing, most amazing parenting ace in the hole evah. Anyway, super excited.

  7. jump aboard! we need more company on this crazy ride — especially someone with a sense of humor about it!

  8. “..let me use my money” says it all. And you didn’t even italicise “my” which shows Character, I tell you. I am hopeful, nonetheless, that it will work out, albeit in unfortunately maddening and unfair fashion. Exciting times! Onward!

  9. Good for you. Congrats for making that call! I’m wishing you very smooth sailing negotiating the ass-fellowship that is insurance.

  10. Ooh… very exciting! Your Bean is going to be an awesome big brother. I just know it!

  11. Back in the saddle! YEAH!

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