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Sketches for Giraffe’s Dream


Sugar here again. I can’t get this illustration right, so instead of sending our hero into his adventure, I’m ruminating on what to do with page two.

I tried to finish page two, and I got this, which I really don’t like:

he wanted to move to the city

At the very least, the car in the foreground needs to go, but so much is not right here that I’m going to do it over.

I went back to my quick story board for the book. Here’s the original ten second sketch:

he wanted to move to the city

For some reason, giraffe looks like a hippopotamus here, could be the bowler.

Next I tried to make a sketch that showed buildings, trees, and cars as three dimensional shapes, rather than the flat approach in the first painting:

he wanted to move to the city

And then I tried again:

he wanted to move to the city

But I was worried that the road was not a good place to run the text, particularly because the greys and blacks I seem to be mixing are UGLY. So, I moved the horizon line down:

he wanted to move to the city

This is better! I was going to try to do this in paint last night. Unfortunately we then had Toddergate Part One, in which the Bean did not eat dinner, punched Bionic in the eye with the corner of a book (she’s ok) and then took two and a half hours to fall asleep, effectively killing the evening. Toddergate Part Two was this morning, just as much fun, but with persistent attempts to yank me out of the shower and lots of wailing when I was anywhere except within six inches of the Thomas the Train set up. Good times. The poor guy has cold sores and a bad diaper rash right now, but he’s on the mend, so maybe this weekend will be better.

6 thoughts on “Sketches for Giraffe’s Dream

  1. I love the composition of the final one – the sky will give you a quiet bit to put the text into. The giraffe is very charming! Paint like the wind, Sugar.

  2. Thank you Twangy! I have been wondering if my random thoughts on doing these drawings are not right for our blog, but I love your blog and drawings, so I’m doing it anyway! Also, maybe someday there will be an ebook that folks can download.

    • Oh, absolutely, do! I have the same thing going on with the work blog vs personal blog. I know. In an ideal world, one wouldn’t have to split into all sorts of complicated roles.

      I love to see people’s work process though, and I just think it’s such a part of you, how can you not?
      Show. Glad to hear Bean likes to draw too. On paper, mostly, one hopes.

  3. I like it, too! And I think the last one is the best. The ticket idea is cool, but too much all on the same page for my taste.

  4. You make a good case for the version you like best! But I also think that’s the most giraffey one, so that may bias us.

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