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Giraffe has big dreams


Hi – Sugar here. I’m writing/painting a story book for the Bean.  Since Bionic is holed up grading awful papers, I’m going to punctuate her blog silence with the pictures as they come along. I’ve got 1.5 pictures so far, thanks to 3.5 total nap hours from Saturday and today. Here they are:


This is Giraffe.


Giraffe wants to move to the city. He’ll live a life of friends and parties, taxis and buses, fancy stores and apartment buildings. (This is the .5 picture.  Pay no attention to the unfinished right hand side.)

Can you see where this is going? Bionic and I have a collection of stories about animals moving to urban areas. You’ll have to get her to tell you the one about the whale who accidentally becomes a maritime lawyer. Stress ensues.

12 thoughts on “Giraffe has big dreams

  1. Amazing! What a lucky little Bean.

  2. You are amazing! What a lucky boy!

  3. Beautiful. I wonder if Giraffe will join the food coop.

  4. Oh it’s lovely so far. I’ve often thought of writing a kids book, but I’m not good enough to illustrate it. I have an idea of one mapped out for my niece. It’s about their real life ‘pet’ eel called Roddy. In my story he introduces himself to my niece as Roderick Te Kaihanga o te Miti Te Tuna, and so she decides to call him Eric however to everyone else it sounds like she is saying Earwig. So much hilarity will ensue (hopefully) as everyone tries to correct her and teach her the difference between an earwig and an eel until eventually they realize she is indeed right after all and his name is Eric. Actually, perhaps I should record it as a story rather than try and make it as a book lol! That would save me agonizing over the pictures.

  5. That’s fantastic!

    For Monkey’s first birthday Hubs wrote him a story book (heavily edited by moi) and his mum (Monkey’s Oma) did lino cuts for all the pages. Super cute.

    At one, Monkey couldn’t care less. But I hope when he hits 30 or so he will realize what a treasure it is!

    Same goes for Bean.

  6. wow, that is one lucky bean!

  7. Wow. Those illustrations are GORGEOUS. What a lucky kiddo!!

  8. What a gorgeous book! I love giraffe (and his swinging lifestyle)!

  9. Wow, beautiful illustrations!

  10. Wow. WOW. Gorgeous. I look forward to your Caldecott. And as for Giraffe, I hope he stays away from dark alleys.

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