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Weaning is Winning


Hey there, internets. Hope you are having lovely weekends and not getting trampled in a stampede of people fighting over discounted Chinese electronics or anything. Black Friday is maybe not really my favorite thing about contemporary American culture. To say the least.

But that’s not what I logged in to say.

The Bean is mostly weaned, it seems. Let’s blame those pseudo rhymes on the item pictured below. Ahem. Anyway, he now nurses every few days in the morning, and not otherwise. He doesn’t always ask, even on the days that I’m home. I think it’s mostly about feeling close, because if i end up sleeping in his room in the second part of the night — and boy, there are some sleep posts I could write these days — he doesn’t ask. It’s only if I am in my own bed when he gets up, and even then, it is sometimes possible to say no (like today, for instance, when I was in bed for a nap, having been in his room, intermittently sleeping, from 3:30 to 5:30). I think he’s about ready to be done.

I’m feeling pretty great about it. My mood is generally better (I always have thought the nursing hormones don’t agree with me, probably because I am a terrible mother/person), and my appetite has dropped so precipitously that I find my dreams of fitting in pre-pregnancy dresses a rekindling. (Weight is another topic for another day, but suffice it to say that I have not found breast feeding the miracle solution it’s advertised as being.)

I’ve noted on other occasions how bad I am at refilling my prescriptions in a timely manner, and I am too loyal to my local pharmacy to do mail order. Last month, I went without nifedipine for a couple of days and was soon spasming away on the bus, which did not improve my mood or commute. One of my big fears about all this Reynaud’s business has been that it won’t go away when I stop breast feeding, leaving me stuck taking nifedipine forever. But this month I messed up again, and what with the holiday it’s been days and days since I’ve had a dose, and…NO NIPPLE SPASMS! Wheeeee! Apparently three sessions a week is about the amount of nursing my nips are built to withstand. Thank God for nifedipine for getting me through the last 19 months.

I celebrated properly, with my first taste of grapefruit in almost two years, done up proper, with rosemary/brown sugar simple syrup, vodka, and Cointreau, plus fresh-squeezed juice. Cheers!


14 thoughts on “Weaning is Winning

  1. Wonderful news! Cheers!

  2. Whoo tits! Cheers!

  3. That cocktail looks divine. Mmmm.

    And, as MfaMama said, whoo tits!

  4. Oh what is that cocktail called, it sounds delicious. I might try a virgin version as I ‘m back in the two week wait today 🙂

  5. Yum.

    I would like to read these posts on sleep… Preferably with a grapefruit cocktail in hand!

  6. That cocktail does look delicious! Three more weeks until I may be able to sip at something like it again…

  7. Wonderful news. What a lovely, gentle weaning process.

  8. Glad it’s going well! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. 19 months is a long, long time. Farewell to nursing, and l’chayim!

  10. Yay for successful weaning! And thanks for the recipe. Quickly, though–why no grapefruit? Did it interfere with the meds?

    • More or less. There is a compound in grapefruit that improves the metabolism of a whole laundry list of drugs, including nifedipine. It’s not such a great idea to improve the metabolism of a drug that relaxes smooth muscle, though, as doing so may lower your blood pressure rather more than you’d like.

  11. pour me one…wait. Still nursing. Hmmm…..

  12. YAY! I love grapefruit and am so glad you are able to enjoy it again!

  13. so the part of your story i don’t like is that you had to make it happen. i want bunny to just spontaneously stop wanting to nurse, so i don’t have to go through more roller coasters. not gonna happen, though, i know. or not anytime soon, anyhow.

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