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Notes From A Nor’easter



Hello, internets. It’s that time again: time for a post, because I did say I’d try to do this every-day gig, but not only time for a post, no, because it is Shark Week (tip of the…hat to May) and that means things hurt and it’s been A Day, what with also the snow and all, and long story short: It’s time for a Percocet Post!

(A somber if not sober note here that the weather is pretty gruesome and I am very worried about people whose homes don’t have power and heat tonight. This storm is not messing around. I expect we will lose a lot of trees — it is very windy, there is heavy, wet snow collecting all over trees that mostly still have their leaves, and I’m sure there are trees and branches weakened by Sandy just looking for an excuse to fall. I hope that doesn’t mean more people losing power and roofs and even lives, but I wouldn’t bet on it. If you are the praying type, this would be a good use of your efforts.)

I feel I should say something about the election, but in fact I do care very much about politics and policy and the future of our country and all that, and I rather pride myself on thinking pretty hard about these things, and tonight I’m afraid all I’m capable of is roughly, OMG I WANT TO GAY MARRY TAMMY BALDWIN SO BAD! AND ELIZABETH WARREN AND MICHELLE OBAMA, BUT MOSTLY TAMMY BALDWIN BECAUSE SHE IS ACTUALLY GAY AND ALSO SHE’S A SMITHIE!! Omg!!!

But I will try not to do that. Because it’s embarrassing. And because “gay marry” is the oppressor’s language. I want to just plain old regular marry Tammy Baldwin.

In place of that kind of thing, here are some Bean-related Items.

Item: after several weeks of calling us both “Mama,” the Bean has suddenly cottoned onto the Mama/Mommy distinction. He is delighted with himself. I am delighted with him. I’m also happy that he seems satisfied with those names; we’ve been using them, but you never know what will stick, and it all feels a little foolish sometimes. Complicating the matter, his babysitter shares my (somewhat unusual) first name. So I’m also glad that she and I have separate identities.

Item: he’s doing this crazy-adorable thing now where he takes hold of your hand —usually Sugar’s — and uses it to pet his own head. It is hard to explain how sweet this is, in a very bossy way.

Item: He reads his books to himself now, sometimes in a whisper. Reading in this case consists of going through the pages and saying the words he knows go in that part of the story — not all of them, of course, and mostly nouns. This pleases me. A lot.

Item: I don’t know whether this is a sudden uptick in language or in cognition, but he is starting to tell little stories about things he has done. On Saturday, for instance, we went to the zoo. At god-awful o’clock Sunday morning, when I was trying to delay our getting out of bed, I asked him if he remembered going to the zoo and seeing the animals. He sat bolt upright and got this far-off look. Zoo? He said. Yes, I said, we saw monkeys. Monkeys! He paused. Goats! Duckies! He proceeded to look into the distance, naming animals, getting more and more pleased. Plus, I didn’t have to get out of bed for several more minutes. WIN.

Oh, would you look at that? My wife is putting dinner on the table. In this moment of historic support for marriages like ours, the least I can do is go eat it.

Vaguely incoherent x’s and o’s,

5 thoughts on “Notes From A Nor’easter

  1. 1) I hope your sharks retreat soon.
    2) I totally voted for Tammy Baldwin (I really did) and she is one kick-ass chica and I would marry her too. Except I’m already married. And… no wait, she’s divorced.

  2. I do that stroking my hair thing with my wife’s hand. She seems to find it cute if somewhat bossy and accuses me of being a pleasure-hound, which I secretly quite like 😉 (To be clear I mean stroking the top of my head.)

  3. Oh, yes, I love those early toddler talk stories! LG had a crazy one involving a “tutter” (stroller) and the running! and the rain! to describe our getting drenched in a storm at that age. It’s really amazing what you can do with a couple nouns and the occasional verb-like-thing…

  4. Sorry about the sharks. No fun.

  5. Awwww. Toddlers are the sweetest creatures. I don’t want any of my zoo to grow up. Not one bit.


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