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After The Storm: NOLA to NYC

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Grand plans for a post about the marathon today, but it looks like the Bean isn’t satisfied with his current selection of molars and is fixing to get some more. Lord, child, how many do you NEED?

I thought I’d give this who NaBloPoMo business a try, though, and it hardly seems like it if I give up on day two. (Last night’s post shows as 11/2 because my time stamp was messed up. I wrote it on 11/1! I swear!)

In lieu of a proper post, here is the best thing I’ve seen on the Internet today:

NOLA to NYC: Katrina Survivors Talk To New York

This project is just what I love about New Orleans people. They are spiritually generous, through and through. (Shameless plug: you can read an essay I wrote about New Orleans in this book. My other book is about Staten Island. I feel like the Angela Landsbury of hurricanes.)

I hope they won’t mind my showing you one of my favorites here. I tear up every time I see it.


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