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Not my brightest move


Good evening, internets. Sugar and I just stayed up past our bedtime watching Foyle’s War, in recognition of our being off work tomorrow and my therefore not having to leave the house at 5:30. We live in one of those neighborhoods with “heights” in the name (exactly which one is a subject of some local dispute), so there’s no need for us to evacuate or anything.

My migraine, which had taken enough of a rest that I had a bit of the wine I laid in by way of storm preparation, came slithering back in like fog. Sugar cleaned up the sewing machine, where I’d been working on the hen from this Anna Maria Horner pattern, a project I’d planned to finish before the Bean was born (oops).

I filled a few more containers with water and slid into the Bean’s room, just to be sure I hadn’t left an anvil or something on the windowsill above his crib. You know, like you do. But I hadn’t, and he was sleeping peacefully.

Taht is, he was sleeping peacefully, until, on the way out, I closed his door just a little too abruptly. Because I never learn.

So now I am lying in the dark in his room, keeping him company while he tries to fall back asleep. I think he’s almost there.

I hope those of you in the path of this storm are similarly peacefully ready, and that any of you affected by the Canadian earthquake are okay, too.

Good night. If our power holds, I’ll see about some pictures for you tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Not my brightest move

  1. Sending you good thoughts from New Zealand, it sounds kind of scary over there. My wife and her brother have checked in with their Caribbean family and everyone over there seems safe so that’s a relief.

  2. Be safe! We are meant to get lots of rain and high winds here, but I don’t think it will count as a true stormaggedon…

  3. Hope things are ok in your part of BK. Hanging in over here south of the park. Stay safe!!

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