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What’s In A Name?


On a neighborhood walk this afternoon, we saw a new coffee shop and walked over to read the paper signs taped to their windows.

The name of the place is, apparently, Nouvelle Vag.

The signs said,

soft opening

A fine reminder to run business name ideas by the lesbians and/or fourteen-year-old boys in your life.

(and what was wrong with the viellie one, I’d like to know.)

8 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. Oh dear. That is awful.

  2. Oh boy! But are you going to eat there? (I HAD TO, THE DEVIL MADE ME SAY IT!)

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ohhh dear Bwahahahahah heh heh heh bless her cotton socks.

  4. OH MY.

  5. Bwahahaha! It must be a novelty name to attract business, right? I hope?

  6. I’m relieved it isn’t a hard opening.

  7. I live in the neighborhood and i love the place. What’s wrong with you guys? Are you so judgmental not to understand that it’s a French name. Use your brain and the reference of the French Wave cinema or the French band Nouvelle Vag.
    Go first and leave a smart comment after… 🙂

    • I wish them all the luck in the world — it’s great to see a new business, especially on that block.

      But: 1. The movement and the band are both, to google’s knowledge, Nouvelle Vague. 2. Even if that were the correct term, it’s quite optimistic (and a tiny bit pretentious) to expect your customer base to think of that first, particularly when the word you’ve used is far better known as slang in the local language for something very different.

      I once lived in a neighborhood where a new restaurant was opened by the most lovely brothers. It was a big success! Delicious food, great service, dreams realized, all that. The dream that fell by the wayside, however, was its original name, which turned out to mean, in a language more common to the neighborhood than theirs, “I Suck.”

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