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Please Hold….


Hi, internets. I miss you. I will be back as soon as I can. Short version: I did get a teaching gig, rather last-minute. Then I got another one, even more last-minute, and for various reasons (read: short commute) too attractive to pass up, and didn’t feel it would be ethical to drop the first gig, even though it makes for a lot of rushing about. We got home from our travels 12 hours before the first class meeting…in Staten Island. I’m currently supposed to be finishing a syllabus I should have had on Tuesday. Plus all this means hiring childcare.

ANYWAY. The point is I owe you posts and comments and all that. I know.  I will be with you when I have wrapped my mind around the fact that two — TWO! — of my students have described themselves in writing as “pretty well writers.”  At least they have their health.


For now, I will leave you with a short play, as overheard at campus two:

STUDENT has been talking, in English, to a PROFESSOR who is being polite but clearly wants to be done. STUDENT is oblivious.


STUDENT: Y como esta usted?

PROFESSOR, surprised: Bien.  Habla español?



8 thoughts on “Please Hold….

  1. The students, they are crazy, yes?

    Glad you got some teaching gigs and therefore some cash to put up with such silliness!

  2. *vigorously applauds you for getting multiple last minute teaching gigs*

  3. Wow, congrats on the jobs! If nothing else, they provide excellent fodder for blog posts (because the most important thing is keeping _me_ entertained…).

  4. “At least they have their health.” Indeed.

  5. That’s fantastic! (The fact of the jobs, not the state of the American college student, which is another story entirely.)

    I once heard this dialogue on the college campus where I teach.

    Student 1: I just HATE it when I go to class drunk.

    Student 2: Yeah, me too. It’s the worst.

  6. Hurrah for work and you make me remember back in the day. I can’t believe it is so long ago I was at university. Mistake, surely?


  7. Hilarious. Congrats on the job. and the other job. You must be in high demand!

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