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New Game


The world is a funny place, which is how it happens that today found me in the dining car of Amtrak’s Texas Eagle, offering to help a perfect stranger with her PIO injection. Starrhillgirl and I got to thinking, where are the great infertility road buddy movies? Surely they belong together: the narrative tension, the American-Dream-ish-ness, the time spent in strange bathrooms.

Under the hash tag #IFroadtripmovies, please find our efforts at titles to pitch to Hollywood. Add yours, via twitter or here. We’re gonna be famous, y’all!

Seem favorites thus far:

Fear And Loathing in The Waiting Room
Buffy The Embryo Slayer
Bill and Ted’s Surrogate Adventure
Harold and Kumar Go To The Reproductive Endocrinologist
ClearBlue Easy Rider
The Cyst of The Traveling Pants
The Muppets Take Menopur

6 thoughts on “New Game

  1. how did PIO injections come up as a topic of discussion?

    also, bummed that we misses you guys today. but now bunny is sick and we’re hoping it’s contagious because the non-contagious option is way scary.

  2. Okay, you can’t tell us that and then not explain the whole story! Can you? Please?

  3. LOL!! I love it! I laughed a loud belly laugh at, Muppets Take Menopur.

  4. I love it – I want to play! How about:
    2 Days in Colorado [shout out to CCRM]
    Much Ado About Nothing
    An Ideal Donor
    The Seven Year Glitch
    Peggy Sue Got Inseminated
    The Importance of Being on a Low-Carb Diet

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