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Crossing Over The River


West of the Mississippi now, and I wish I could take a picture for you, internets, of how beautiful it is, gliding alongside its gently lapped banks, sometimes behind a few trees, sometimes close enough to see the lapping happen, but part of what is so beautiful is that crepuscular, almost-not light that is too little for a digital camera.

The trip is going well. The Bean is asleep at the other end of the bunk, his guys curled around him. Except for an hour or two this morning and about fifteen minutes of tonight, when I dearly wished for another set of hands or at least a series of very strong drinks, it has been a pleasure so far.

I’ve packed about a million toys, but the Bean has mostly been happy to stare out the window, pointing out trees and birds and especially CARS!, or to walk the narrow hallways. (If you can swing the time and money (sometimes cheaper than flying, sometimes not), i emphatically recommend sleeper cars as a method of travel with young children.)

We had a few hours in Chicago — one of the benefits of train travel is that layovers occur downtown, where one can actually do something — so I walked to Millenium Park, about a mile from the station, while the Bean slept on my back, and visited one of my favorite gardens, which I haven’t seen in its summer fullness in several years.

He woke up in time for a photo op with his namesake.

He made it very clear that he wanted to walk, but I was worried about making it back to the station in time if we lingered long in the park. I told him he could walk on the sidewalks if he held my hand and let me carry him across the intersections, and that’s what we did. I figured I’d get him back in the carrier sooner or later, but in fact, this child who two months ago couldn’t walk at all walked the whole way back, and much faster than the average tourist we saw.




9 thoughts on “Crossing Over The River

  1. You need your wife with her 4×5 for those pics.
    Also, parenting win again. With the walking. Good job, you. He’ll grow up to mix me some drinks yet.

  2. That looks so fun! Alas, C is scared of flying AND trains. She’ll suck it up for a few hours on a plane (no more xanax for her now that we have a kid, but she did all right in June) but I think trains are out. Which is too bad because what an awesome way to travel. Love the Bean with his namesake. And love Chicago. Where are you headed?

  3. I was briefly confused by the Chicago skyline! It sounds totally idyllic, and hey, next time you get off, hit a liquor store and get some gin! Or whatever your poison is. I am deeply charmed by the bean and bean photo. He looks so happy!

    That’s a long walk! I commend that little athlete.

  4. Yay! Glad the trip is going well. I hate to fly, too, and never really considered traveling by train. Now, I will!

    Also, this is amazing and as soon as I saw it, it reminded me of you:

  5. Well, shit. If I knew you were here i would have abandoned my perch in the library and come out to say hi. If you happen to be through here again I’d love to meet you! Also, we loveloveloved the sleeper car we took to New Orleans last summer–I can’t wait to have an excuse to take the train somewhere with EJ when she’s a little older!

  6. Sounds like a great adventure! And the photos are adorable.

  7. oddly, Naan has her guys too and I never realised the Bean and Naan had that quirk in common until now,


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