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Good Item, Bad Item


For reasons that will be clear by the end of this entry, my computer time is being used for much less fun things than blogging at the moment, so just a quick hello:

Good Item: the illustrious Starhillgirl visited us last week! Yes, I am bragging, because it was the GREATEST. The Bean lit up like a Seasonally-Appropriate Decorated Evergreen when he found her in our living room every morning, and I can’t blame him. The whole family was blue when she went home. Pictures to come, one of these days. Oh, look, in the meantime, I can just steal these from her other blog:

All that and she makes chiles rellenos.

The Bean dares to eat a peach.

Bad Item: on Monday I found out that, due to a very dumb snafu, I don’t have a job in the fall. I’m not going to go all Dooce on this one, much as I’m tempted, but I’ll just say that it doesn’t have anything to do with how long or well I’ve taught that course, which is rather and, if I do say so myself, quite. The situation involves an exquisitely balanced blend of things that are out of my hands and things that might have worked out had I been more proactive than I thought necessary, so that I feel both helpless and to blame.

This course is the best money I make all year, and losing it is…bad. My current mood, to borrow a little LJ speak, is: pretty fucking lousy. It’s lucky the Bean is here to keep me getting dressed, leaving the house, not drinking in the mornings.

ANYWAY! I am pulling together resumes and so forth and am very touched by the number of friends who have come through with advice and contacts. I am hopeful I will find something. The trick here is to find enough work that we can afford to live, but little enough time out of the house that we don’t end up paying (or paying much) for childcare, since that expense would eliminate the benefit of my working most jobs. Meanwhile, I am likely to be back at my usual gigs in the spring (different department), which means I can get back on the insurance that would allow us to do an FET.

(Did you see what I did there? Yeah. We are pretty definite about wanting a sibling for the Bean and about my uterus being the one again (I think). On Sunday I was feeling all warm and fuzzy and ready to Just Do This Thing soon, before I lose my nerve at the idea of having an infant in the house again, but really, that isn’t what you’d call a plan, and the spring would be plenty soon enough, assuming I can keep the aforementioned nerve that long.)

Meanwhile, if anyone happens to know someone in the NYC area in need of writing, editing, or related teaching work, resumes on request, dawg. Lots of experience with science-y writing, including intervention manuals, education pieces, and video scripts of all sorts.  Note that I am one of perhaps three people on earth who genuinely love teaching freshman comp. It’s strange to imagine not doing it.

18 thoughts on “Good Item, Bad Item

  1. Oh, crap, really? I am sorry. That is a worry. Those educational establishments in NYC are/would be SO FOOLISH not to snap you up.

    I wish I had work for you. I could do with your science writing skills – you are really good, you know. I will certainly think of you if something suitable comes up, though it would be remote, and one-offish, most likely, and you’ll need something steady.

    Ah. To be a millionaire! We could collaborate!

    Pfft. Back to this dull-witted, unappreciative reality.

  2. Ugh. Sorry to hear about the job. I live nowhere near NYC unfortunately…

  3. i’m so sorry about the job, but utterly confident you’ll find a new gig.

    as for trying in the spring, yay! late spring/early summer is when we’re planning on getting back on the FET horse, too. right now, i’m feeling left out as everyone else with a toddler seems to be working on (or already pregnant with) #2. but yay for cycling together again. hopefully this time it won’t take me 3 tries. naive of me to be confident about FET after our multiple fail IVF cycles? perhaps. but i will cling to my naivete.

  4. OH SHIT! That’s so wretched. I’m so sorry you was robbed both of something you enjoy and something that pays. I hope something materializes…I wish I could pay you to write blog entries.

    I just attended a meeting on How Complicated the University Is! And That’s Why There’s Never Any Money, so I strongly suspect that the bulk of responsibility is with your institution, and urge you to focus on feeling angry rather than to blame.

    The bean is a miraculously beautiful child, and I think you should really, really have more. Come. Hoard babies with me.

  5. I’m so, so sorry to hear about your job loss. I went through something similar in the spring. Very unexpected and I still find myself reeling from it at times. Sounds like you’ve got some potential opportunities, if none of those pan out could you tutor –the hours might work out well with your Bean since you can be more flexible.

    Congratulations on the decision to go ahead with #2. Even though our timing wasn’t the best, we’re still very happy with our decision and upcoming arrival.

  6. BUGGER. I am so sorry. Bugger bugger bugger and damn. DAMN. Argh. Hugs.

    The Bean is the most beautiful child. More Beans (Lentils? Chickpeas?) would be wonderful. I cross all available digits.

  7. Here’s hoping that paying work magically materializes in the most convenient possible fashion.
    Also that your second child decides to snuggle into your uterine lining at the appointed hour!

    Tatoe is just starting to crawl, and therefore to be a little person, and I remember now that babies ARE delightful. Especially once they move past the squishy-ball-of-need stage.

  8. UGG, why must these snafus happen in the first place — Ugg, additional stress that is NOT needed!

    Love the idea of Bean x 2 – as you know, it was a hard decision for us to get back on the wagon so quickly and it has been a rather frustrating process thus far, but….heres to an easy FET! I feel like we should get a “pass” if 1.0 was hard/long!

  9. I am so sorry about your job. That really, truly sucks for both your family and your would-have-been students.

    Also wishing you the best of luck when you can do the FET. More adorable Beanlings are definitely a necessity.

  10. Oh that is terrible news about your job. I hope something else emerges soon. In the meantime, I will think nasty thoughts about the institution that was so foolish as to decide it didn’t want your sevices any longer.

    I think the idea of a sibling for the Bean sounds marvellous. We are probably getting on the FET wagon next summer or fall, depending on whether or not we will be overseas in the summer. It is crazy to think that we can think rationally about having another one, but it is a totally different world now that they are such little people.

    Good luck with everything!
    PS. More Bean pics please. He is just so gorgeous, I never get tired of seeing his face.

  11. I’m so sorry about your job! I wish I had the perfect contact but I do not.

    I’m very excited about the mention of FET. I’m encouraged when other people with sub-par sleepers decide to have a second baby too. It makes me feel less crazy. I’m also just happy for you!

  12. Didn’t you mean infamous?

    Also, perfect time to move to Starrhill. Ahem.

    Also, it was the greatest.

  13. I know some of the world of adjunct teaching (my school likes to call them “affiliates” as if that softens the blow) and I’m so sorry that you have to pound the pavement now to find a new gig for the fall. That blows.

    I’m also excited about The Bean, the Sequel. Next spring is perfect–he’ll be 2 and I’m already banking on 2 being so much easier than 18 months. Please don’t disabuse me of these notions, they are required so that my children can continue to live in my house right now.

  14. Yup, I get all excited about doing it again too, and then I remember what infants are like.

  15. How disappointing on the job front. I agree that it can be tricky to find a position that provides enough money but doesn’t require so much time that the childcare costs outweigh the financial advantages of going to work in the first place. But I bet you’ll find something great!
    And hooray on tentative plans for a Beanlet!

  16. I’m late on this, but if you’re still looking, St. Joseph’s in Clinton Hill (I believe) still needs some writing tutors at their academic center. In my experience, it pays better than adjuncting does, at least in history, depending on how many shifts you take. I

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