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Make Way For Nightmares


This is the Caldecott Medal, which, I imagine many of you know, is awarded — and subsequently affixed, in sticker form — annually to the children’s book with the best illustrations. Note the terrified ducks*:

*okay, technically they are geese. Note the terrified members of family Anatidae, then.

Did no one find that a trifle grim, in combination with this particular winner?

Enjoy the peanuts and swims in the park, little ducklings, for when you grow up, dogs, crazed children, and bald men on rampaging horses will run you down. Sweet dreams!

2 thoughts on “Make Way For Nightmares

  1. We were reading Bug this book which looks like a harmless children’s fantasy. In the first 20 pages the mother beats a child for bringing home a stray cat, and the cat and boy discuss the enslavement of a baby dragon as beast-of-burden on the animals’ island.

    And I thought Thomas the Imperialist Tank Engine was bad.

  2. HA! I had to go find the story of that image. Nutty. What’s your opinion on the CM? I mean, I know you’re a DOCTOR OF WORDS, not a DOCTOR OF PICTURES, but I bet you have an opinion. Would you like to know mine? You would? Great. I see absolutely no virtue in many of the winners.

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