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Mistaken Identity: A Play


Dramaturg’s notes: Mistaken Identity takes its place as the latest in the Dog! Series, a group of short one acts of almost encyclopedic scope, featuring a young child in a mix of quotidian settings typifying contemporary urban life announcing to his parents the presence of canines he has discovered by sight of, more typically, by the sound of barking at a variety of distances and from every direction of the compass or, indeed, the sphere. More specifically, Mistaken Identity both belongs to and comments on the portion of the Dog! oeuvre centered in the home, in which the sound of barking breaks the literal fourth wall of the apartment, a visitation from the outside world that both delights and carries with it an implicit threat, a reminder of the fragility of domesticity.


Lights up.  The BIONIC family apartment, early morning. THE BEAN is playing in the living room while SUGAR prepares breakfast.

SFX: A low, loud FART, from SUGAR’s direction.



Lights down.

8 thoughts on “Mistaken Identity: A Play

  1. Bwahahahahahahah ohhhh dear. Splendid. *applause*

  2. Bug’s first, and for a very long time only, word was DOGGIE.

    Also, poor Sugar.

  3. Ha ha ha ha! Encore!

    Bub is fascinated by dogs just now – we went to a tractor show at the weekend (because what else do you do in rural England?) where 130 women drivers had kitted themselves and their vehicles out in pink and fake boobs to raise awareness/money for breast cancer. They drove over 10 miles on machines predating WW2. I took Bub up to see one of the more garishly decorated ones but nope – wasn’t interested. She struggled free and ran off down the field aftter a dog, yelling, “woof woof!”

    The dog owner saw her, brough his scrapppy wee rat-hound to heel and madeit sit for her to pet. She just laughed, waved at it, said “bye bye” and ran off again.

    I really wonder what goes on in that tiny head…

    Also, sorry for the crazy long post. 😛

  4. AHAhahhhaa! Flipping brilliant, he is.

  5. HILARIOUS! Sunshine has started saying “‘scuse me” when she farts. Sweet.

  6. I think you’ll be pleased by my review of this piece, coming out in the next New Yorker.

  7. Hahahahahaha. The bean may kill you for publishing this someday (if Sugar doesn’t beat him to it), but I’m glad you shared!

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