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Sinister Update


Hello from my left hand.

This post is to say, sorry no longer post right now and also sorry for disjointed (awful pun) comments on some blogs. Beloved cat bit the living hell out of the joint connecting index finger to right hand. No idea why; I was asleep, he generally sleeps in my arms. He doesn’t seem sick. Did I hurt him? Anyway, the point is I can’t really use my right hand properly.

Bite went deep and got infected, as cat bites do. Happy to report that antibiotics now seem to be starting to work. Have been whittling away at post-egg retrieval Percocet stash to get through the night. Meant to save those for endo attacks; must get new lady parts doctor.

Anyway, hi.

While I recuperate, enjoy this nice blog post from the Atlantic, practically guaranteed to make you feel better about your parenting decisions. The original article, while dated in some ways, is also worth your time. I have lots to say on this one and hope to have recovered the means to do so soon.

9 thoughts on “Sinister Update

  1. Ouch. To the cat bite. Another ouch to the incredibly long article I read instead of doing work (you neglected to mention that it was old school Atlantic, and therefore about 10000 pages). Feel better!

  2. Thank you for posting that link. As someone who studied attachment as part of developmental psych coursework, I have been confused by the label “attachment parenting”, because it has always (okay, since grad school) been clear to me that there are many good routes to secure attachment, and that B&A were not talking about the same things Searses are talking about. I’ve just assumed that the guilting and shaming that surround certain choices (teaching self-soothing as part of sleep habits, e.g.) are often coming from places of insecurity and ignorance. Which doesn’t make it any easier to hear my choices criticized, or make me any less quick to judge others, but does remind me that the social science is not behind anyone who tells me my baby will be all fucked up if I don’t do what the Searses say.

    Regarding your hideous injury, I’m so sorry! But while you’re off school you might enjoy the work by this guy on difference between the way right and left handers conceptualize the world/respond to various things: He recently presented some work at a conference I attended showing even very short periods of being forced to be the opposite of what you normally are can shape your behavior..

    • Swords! Shields! All academic writing should strive to be so Game-of-Thrones-y. More when I’ve read past the abstract. Assume it will explain that 5th grade sucked bc that was when I switched from ambidextrous to rt handed (binders! They suck!), not just bc it was 5th grade.

  3. OW OW OW OW your fingers OW OW OW *sympathy spasm*

    Yes, well, no idea with cats. My childhood cat once turned round mid-purring-purring-happy-stroking and laid my upper lip open with one swipe of her razor claws. FOR WHY, PSYCHO KITTY? I couldn’t laugh, smile, eat anything larger than an M&M, or talk above a (very British) mutter for over a week. I think the cat thought it was amusing.

  4. WTF, cat?

    I must pack for my spouse and child for a week’s vacation (WITHOUT ME!!! Hurrah! They are going to see my MIL and I am STAYING HERE WITH THE BABY AND THE BOURBON? Can you tell how excited I am? I really am).

    So I will confine my remarks on attachment parenting to: I find parenting ‘philosophies’ for their own sake to be idiotic, as opposed to whichever parts are useful in one’s own life (for example, baby carrier = happy baby AND two free hands = fantastic). And don’t get me started on extrapolating some perfectly good small lab studies to Bottles Are Evil And Working Moms Are The Devil. Okay, I really really really have to pack now. Walking away from the keyboard……

  5. Eew – cat bites are the worst! People who think cats are clean animals have never been near a feline’s mouth!

  6. I have seen critically ill victims of cat germs. Cats have an impressive delayed kill by dropping limbs off strategy.

    I would totally be your lady parts doctor if I dodn’t live in the wrong country and, you know, it be kind of not the done thing for a bloggy friend to offer.


    • Hate to think what you’d make of my neurosese (typo but i rather like it), but then, you already know all about that. God, it would be so nice to see someone I didn’t have to force to let me give a proper history. Maybe I should just direct the new one to my blog….

      Am quite impressed at the pathogens my sheltered little house cat has stockpiled; shudder to think at what he would be packing in the wild. Happy to report that better living through chemistry seems to have triumphed, hand much improved.

  7. how crazy. damn cat. what is that about? hope you are on the up and up. better you than the boy i guess…

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