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On A Lighter Note


The boy is teaching himself to play several instruments.  He just figured out this one today:

(Sorry for the outburst, y’all.  I took some vitamins and promise to try to pull myself together.)

10 thoughts on “On A Lighter Note

  1. So cute, Izzy loves the kazoo too and just mastered the harmonica – she loves the sucking “in’ AND “out” part of it…

  2. KAZOOOOOO! We have all these bird calls (you know, like a thing that makes a turkey noise for when you’re hunting turkeys?) and Bun Bun is working on them. She’s pretty good with the crow call, which I’m a big fan of…

  3. Definitely a future rock star.

  4. Too cute!!! Also, Tatoe was pretty sure he should be able to reach through the screen and get that kazoo. If I wasn’t so sure he’d just deep-throat it like he does everything else, I’d go get him one.

  5. omg I can’t believe how BIG he got! I am glad to hear you are feeling better and am hoping there is no link between his instrument learning and your migraines, because really, the kazoo is crazy kuteness.

  6. adorable! what a talented youngin’ you have there

  7. omg, CUTENESS!! My little beastie has a kazoo too, but he does not smile for the camera like that! What a charmer.

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