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Swap Sweetness


Probably my favorite thing about this blogging business — maybe even more than the metaphorical sound of my own voice — is all y’all.  I just love feeling part of a posse, you know?

So the first thank you of this post goes to An Offering Of Love, who organizes several community-building bloggy projects, including an annual holiday craft exchange.  Yay, Anoff!

Frankly, I’m awful at this exchange.  I don’t get started right away, and then it’s suddenly the end-of-semester crunch and I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off, can’t think of a thing to make, and don’t get it done on time.  Then we leave for our annual Great Middlewestern Odyssey — some combination of Little Rock and rural Michigan and nearly-suburban Chicago, all via train because I am like that — and I finally get something made, only a little late, but then I can’t get to the post office.  My poor recipient waits and waits and probably feels irritated as all heck, if not sadly forgotten.

Meanwhile, I’m not at home myself, so someone has sent me a gift — probably right on time! — that is languishing in the post office while I am living it up at my in-laws’.  She no doubt feels worried and/or unappreciated.  So I’ve managed to make at least two people feel not-so-awesome.  Happy Chrismukwanzakah!

Probably I should admit defeat and give the whole thing up, but I like it so, so much, feeling part of the club.  So instead I hereby resolve to do better next year, if y’all will have me.

Meanwhile!  You can see all the awesome crafts people made here, but first, let me tell you about the best one: when we arrived back at home this year, following a mostly fun but definitely exhausting trip, I had one hell of a migraine.  (The cluster of them I had around that time may well have been thanks to my established stupidity in not keeping up with the nifedipine.  I take it so my nips don’t clamp down agonizingly, but I think it’s relaxation of the blood vessel walls does help with the migraines a bit, too, as my doctor suggested it might.)  But even though our mail had been on hold during our trip, one of those aggravating pink “Sorry we missed you [or just didn’t ring the bell because we didn’t bother bringing the package in the first place]” cards was waiting, saying there was a package at the post office.  I loathe going to our post office — it’s a somewhat long walk down a less than overly pleasant street and across a truck route, and the employees leave much to be desired, pleasant and rational interaction -wise — but the Bean and I bundled up and headed out once I was well enough, although I was afraid the package would already have been returned to sender while we were away.

The walk was cold.  The post office was slow and borderline rude (which is better than sometimes).  I was good and tired when I got home. And then I opened the box.

The first thing I found was a tupperware full of the most insanely delicious, fudgy brownies.  I knew right away how rich and satisfying and it’s not too much to say how HEALING they were, because if you think I got that tupperware even out of the mailing box before it was open and a restorative brownie was in my mouth, you are mistaken.  I did that thing where you sit there chewing and you let your eyes close and your head rest on the back of the couch because DAMN.  Those were some good brownies, evidently none the worse for their time at the P.O.

But! Then!  I did pull the tupperware out, and there was more!  Can you believe it?  Tucked alongside was this dear, dear ornament, which will surely have pride of place on trees and wreaths and whatever else we find to hang it on for years to come:

I’m in the red.  I think that’s pretty obvious.

So thank you, thank you, Gayby!  I am so pleased and so impressed, though I can’t claim I’m surprised that you made such an awesome package.  When I look at that ornament, I will always think of you following up your egg retrieval by making Thanksgiving dinner.  My hat is off.

3 thoughts on “Swap Sweetness

  1. The ornament is FABULOUS. Just, totally, FABULOUS.

  2. Gosh those brownies sound so amazing!!! Now I think I’ll have to go and make some for myself, ha-ha! And I love that ornament. It just utterly adorable! 🙂

  3. So glad to hear it arrived safely. I can’t believe the brownies were still edible after being held hostage by the post office for so long!

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