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Quickly Monday


Hello, dearies.

I owe you a real post, but it is the end of the semester, and I owe my students more, I’m afraid.  This situation is made more difficult by the war of attrition insomnia is waging against my sanity.  Insomnia is patently ridiculous in a new parent, may I just say.

Meanwhile, a few things I think you might like to read, if you’ve a moment.

  • This really lovely story, of a pair of adolescent identical twins — one male, one trans — and their wonderful parents.  It’s nice to read a story about trans children that is full of good news, for once.  (Speaking of wonderful parents, I’ve recently discovered and am loving Transparenthood, written by the mother of a FtM teenager, Sam.)
  • This extremely excellent post from .breaking into blossom., about the difficult intersection of feminism and the natural birth world.  I’m pretty jealous of this post, frankly, because it’s so smart and because I have been wanting to write about why the term “natural” applied to birth pisses me off but I won’t be as smart as this, I’m afraid.  You should still read it.
  • When I do write that post, I will surely mention how forgiven I felt by something Little Wise One, a young, radical doula, wrote on the topic.  Meanwhile, her blog is a great one.  I love her recent posts working through her thoughts about attending women who choose scheduled C-sections.
  • Finally, please, please stop by 2012 A Conception Odyssey to welcome and commiserate with Chicagoshells, who was planning to commences efforts to knock her wife up next month, but has been sidelined for the moment by a ghastly set of injuries care of a drunk driver.  CS is an old friend of mine, she’s going to make a damn fine mother, and this is seriously shitty on the universe’s part.  She could use some company while she re-learns hobbling.

Much yule and all that to you; may all your exams — literal and figurative — be easy ones, and may your students neither cheat nor plagiarize. Wassail, y’all.

8 thoughts on “Quickly Monday

  1. I eagerly await unnatural birth (like this, say), wherein I need not gestate. Sadly, I fear I will be all done bearing children before Bujold’s idea comes about in reality. But seriously: that’s what I think of when I hear natural childbirth.

  2. Good luck on the sleep front. It sucks. I found that some of that ‘deep sleep’ pillow spray from the body shop on my pillow at night helped a little, as did warm milk and honey (yes, adults can get milk-drunk, too!) but I realize that those are small tools to use in the battle against wakefulness.

  3. Thank you for the links. Lots to think about. I am rabidly pro “natural” childbirth, but I do need to put more thought into how that works into my identity as a feminist/mother/lesbian. I think I’m unconsciously trying to be the epitome of each, and they don’t always intersect as neatly as one would hope. I’m curious to read your thought on natural birth should you ever be rested enough to articulate them, you poor thing. I second the pillow spray. Good luck.

  4. The transgender twins piece is incredible. Hope you are getting a little sleep to help facilitate your end of the semester!

  5. Fantastic links! I teared up a bit when reading about Nicole. What an amazing family!

    The end of the semester is such a mix of joy (it’s almost over!) and chaos (yikes! It’s almost over and I have a metric buttload of papers to read!). I wish you all the luck in the world while navigating yours.

    Now, you are feeling sleepy…very very sleepy….

  6. Indeed! Be very merry.

    (Can’t believe you have insomnia, you poor woman.Bad enough at the best of times.)

  7. Thank you so much for the linkback! I really appreciate it. These are important conversations to be had, and I hope birth workers, activists, and mamas will continue to think about these things in a holistic and honest way.
    -Little Wise One

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