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Quickly and with one hand


Blogging that is.  Dirty minds.

Tonight, as I was escaping the humanities building, I thought to myself, “wow, this is my last night of being 31.  I should pay attention to that.  I like being a prime number.  32 is 8 x 4.   I wonder how that will be,”

Then I remembered that I’m turning 33.

20 thoughts on “Quickly and with one hand

  1. Ohh, I’m sorry. I laughed. I’m sorry your Prime Year is not only over but, eh, buried under a whole ‘nother year. So how was being 8×4?

    I do that too, only, because I’m an incurable pessimist, I revise my age upwards. I told someone I was 37 last week. I am not. Yet.

    And last but not least at all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. With cake and kisses.

  2. LOL. This is totally the kind of thing I would do! One time (when I was about 28) someone asked me how old I was and I told them 17. I didn’t mean to lie, it just came out. Maybe I was feeling particularly 17-ish that day. I don’t know.

    Happy 11×3! (Both prime numbers!)

  3. Bwah! I forget how old I am on a regular basis. I’ll be thirty-three next month. I’m choosing to think of it as my year of getting “ripped like Jesus.” Or something. Happy birthday!

  4. This made me laugh! I will be 33 next year.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you get to have some cake with Sugar and the Bean!

  5. Happy Birthday! 33 has treated me well so far (5 months in)–I think you’ll find it’s pretty great.

  6. Sleep deprivation! It’s amazing that people with young children don’t get in more accidents.

    Happy birthday!

  7. HA! Ive been thinking all week about turning 33 next week, and then I just realized Im going the other way (only 32) — I love odd numbers (3s in particular) so I guess I got caught up in the excitement…

    ahh, just another instance – welcome to parenthood!

  8. Uh-oh! Full on mommy brain! Happy Birthday!

  9. *laughs and laughs*
    *resents your youth*
    *thinks about how tired you probably are and feels better.*
    *thinks about how tired you probably are and feels terrible for you.*

  10. ouch lol. I forget how old I am sometimes, too. Let me know how 33 is…I’ll be there in May.

  11. Heehee! Happy Birthday! My partner likes to listen to a song with a line “years go by and I’m 33/time for the cross or the bodhi tree.” Hope this year brings more enlightetnment and less martyrdom….

  12. THis made me laugh out loud. And I got all excited because my age IS a prime number (41). But then I thought how much younger 33 is, and I thought I’d rather have the 8 years than the prime number.

  13. Hilarious!

    I always go the other way. I usually practice being older for a few weeks before my birthday, and then my birthday arrives and I’m ready to promote myself another year, so I always think I’m older than I am. It’s not a good system, I admit.

  14. awesome. m spent a whole year thinking she was a year older than she is. hope you had a delightful day!

  15. I don’t think I’m fully taking advantage of being a multiple of eleven. Better get on that as I only have 7 months left.

  16. Happy birthday! Have a year of marvels.

    The husband had to check his age in his passport, at least once, if that’s any consolation.

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