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Insert Pickle Joke Here


Okay, I admit it: I haven’t been blogging because I just love the comments on that last post too damn much.  Can some WP guru tell me how to make it its own page?  This may be my one real contribution to maternal consciousness raising, the closest I ever get to the hallowed pages of Our Bodies, Ourselves, and I mustn’t fail now.  I can figure out how to move the post itself, but I’m stuck on the comments.  And they are obviously the best part.

We are battening down the hatches around here, filling BPA-riddled nalgenes with tap water, setting up stores of chocolate, that kind of thing.  The Bean and I are off soon to pick whatever green tomatoes may have survived the utter neglect we inflicted [can you inflict a lack? — Ed.] on our community garden bed this season — although thanks to the prevalence of purslane, we did manage to eat a good portion of our weeds — and see if the hordes have left any batteries at the grocery store.  (For the FLASHLIGHTS, people.  Obviously other battery sizes are stocked in the emergency kit already.  Priorities.)

While we prepare for the second apocalypse of the week and I continue to wallow in denial about going back to work next week (but not on Monday; thanks, Irene!), please enjoy this video of the Bean at Sugar’s parents’ house, with his first kosher garlic dill:

Oh, have two.  They’re small.

9 thoughts on “Insert Pickle Joke Here

  1. Blimey. Pickles? My nephew liked his olives, mind you.

    Batten well, won’t you? We Irish don’t understand hurricanes, if I am anything to go by. Or snakes. Mind yourselves.

    • i have a bit of a snake phobia (understatement) and thought as a child that ireland sounded like paradise. where i grew up (north carolina) has both snakes and hurricanes, but i don’t know about this whole business of large storms in big cities that don’t usually have them. hmmm. i expect we’ll do fine; we’re on the high ground.

      any mention of a hurricane of snakes, however, and i am out of here.

  2. So cute! But I’m amazed there was no ‘sour baby face’!?

  3. Priorities, indeed.

  4. love the pickle videos! bird loves dill pickles too and has never made the “sour” face – funny kids we have!

    i love the idea of putting a permanent link to the last post on your sidebar. i think you could do it by inserting the “Blogroll” widget on your sidebar and then under the “Links” tab, making a separate category for “Favorite posts” or “featured posts” etc, and then insert the address for the specific post. would that work?

  5. Awww…a boy after my own heart!

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