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I Haz A Flavah


…and, as noted yesterday, it’s creme brulee. (Except when it’s been in the fridge over a day, at which point, NOT GOOD.  Maybe I have that thing where it breaks down extra fast?)

In a brilliant comment on yesterday’s post, Manapan said:

I know this wasn’t the point of your post, but I was wondering if other people’s breastmilk tasted different than mine did. I just couldn’t think of a polite way to ask.


Lucky I’ve never been overly troubled by finding polite ways to ask things.  Don’t we owe it to the sisterhood to record our observations? Maybe it would all taste alike to a third party, but Honoring Our Own Knowledge of Our Own Bodies captures a certain Mary Poppins’s Medcine quality, no?

So, my lactating and formerly lactating friends, spill it:  What does/did yours taste like?  I regret to say that I never tasted mine on the post-broccoli days, when the Bean would scream at the boob, presumably because he hated the flavor; did any of you notice changes like that?

So far we’ve got my creme brulee, AnOff‘s “melted vanilla ice cream,” and as for Manapan:

Mine tasted exactly like the milk left over in your bowl after you have a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.


Come on, now, don’t be shy: it’s for Science.

30 thoughts on “I Haz A Flavah

  1. looking forward to hearing everyone’s responses! i love Manapan’s answer! :~D

  2. i too have wondered if i have the same fast-break-down issue. Mine is super sweet (left over cereal milk, if you will) but then it gets less sweet, not foul, but sort of soapy after a day or two in fridge. I have asked around A TON but no one seems to think that it is a lipase issue, so maybe thats just the taste of the “day olds”

  3. I am embarrassed to admit I don’t actually know! Today I shall try it and report back.

  4. This is an awesome topic and other than a random, tiny suck off a bottle to check temp which doesn’t really give flavor, I have NO idea. Time to drink my own juice before its too late. Stay tuned!

  5. super sweet like everyone else’s. i think i would put it in the melted vanilla ice cream category. and thank god it lasts in the fridge… we mix his meds in what i have stashed every night and it seems to stay sweet. (i would hate to have to pump that fresh each day. i guess i’d just use formula.)

  6. I have to admit I’ve always been intensely curious about my flavor and yet just a little too weirded out to actually taste it. But perhaps the time has come. You know, for the sake of science after all.

  7. I don’t actually remember, though I did taste it once. However, when I was pumping (3-12 months) the cream would rise in the fridge and it was about 1/3 the volume. So… probably a lot like whipping cream.

  8. OK, you made me do it. I can say, unequivocally, that it tastes like cantaloupe. Haven’t tried the day olds and don’t plan to– as long as Juju’s drinking it then I guess it’s fine. Don’t you have to do a quick boil if you have lipase issues? As if pumping isn’t enough freaking work in and of itself.

    • cantaloupe! how wholesome! exotic yet familiar…. i am impressed.

      all i know about lipase is on that link, and yes, scalding is apparently the thing. however, since pumping has been a disaster so far — i’m not a super fan of setting off days of vasospasms for the sake of 2 ounces — i will be skipping that whole business and letting the nice people at enfamil or wherever worry for me. (i am planning to try a manual pump when i go back to work, mostly so i don’t explode, but there is certainly nowhere there i can boil anything. i don’t even think i’ll have reliable fridge access, since i will be going to two campuses on one day.)

      • Forgot to mention that I hate cantaloupe and most other melons. I’m not much for fruit and will have to work on that with Juju. So far cantaloupe is OK with her…

        Yes, skip the dang pumping if it sets off the vasospasms, SO not worth it. I hope the manual pump at least makes you comfortable enough to work without major engorgement– ow. And I hope you’ll find that even though formula isn’t your first choice that it at least simplifies life a bit. Simple is good.

  9. You rock so hard! I never thought of trying it after different foods, and it’s too late now. Maybe the reason it always tasted like cereal was because I went on a Fruity Pebbles bender once the gestational diabetes was gone. 🙂

  10. I’ve only tried it the once, and I have to say it definitely resembled the leftover milk after a really sugary bowl of cereal…

    But I should get scientific about this and try it after different food combos…

  11. Totally identify with the cantalope. That’s what I remember. I still get it a little of it, and my kid is 2 1/2 years old (and stopped BFing at 9 weeks!) and my gf likes it.

  12. Okay you totally freaked me out and I was scared I was giving my bubba totally spoiled milk. I ran to the fridge and took out last night’s expressed bm. I couldn’t drink some cold so warmed a mouthful in bottle warmer! Lmao! Well to my relief it tasted like green tea ice cream. Subtle and sweet! No wonder the gf is a fan! Thanks for a fun experiment!

  13. Yep, melted vanilla ice cream. I wish it were something more exciting, like jasmine tea or cardamom…OH WELL. I remember being quite surprised at how sweet it is. And I loved your earlier sprawling update and adorable Bean photo…

  14. Coffee. The spawnlet has been drinking lattes since I went back to work. I never tasted it until then. She’s now 2 1/2, and is excitedly counting down the years until she is 13 and can choose to drink caffeinated things in our house.
    It’s already on the list of “ways I broke the baby”.

  15. Pretty sure Nutella’s was like sweetened condensed milk. We may have used some in coffee when we ran out of half n half 😉

  16. Oh my god, where has this blog been all my life?

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  18. I only tried it once, it tasted like a very sweet rice pudding to me.

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