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August Is For Items


Hello, dearies.  Sorry for the radio silence.  In lieu of a real post — I had a migraine last night and now have a codeine hangover and anyway The Bean will be up from his nap soon — here are a few notes.

  • The Bean meets the ocean!  Sugar and I took the Bean to the beach.  I have just deleted a very boring paragraph about logistics, the gist of which was: it seemed like everything was likely to be a disaster, with 9 people in a two-bedroom house, no one who was willing to help me with the baby for the days Sugar couldn’t be there, and a potentially angry teenager thrown in for spice, but it was in fact completely lovely.  The Bean charmed the hell out of everybody, including the very sweet teenager, and Sugar and I got to leave him with family for our very first hour away from him.
  • Oh, look, he’s up already.  More items as the day progresses, I guess….

Hi, again.  Phew.  This napping after being up for 90 minutes to 2 hours business remains pretty successful.  I’ve been noticing that the awake windows need to be shorter in the mornings.  No idea if he’ll ever go to a schedule of fewer, longer naps, but at least he’s doing something.  A thousand blessings again to Jennifer at Autism Normal for suggesting it.  More items:

  • Night sleep is still just okay.  He sleeps pretty well, but still wakes up to eat several times a night.  This means I haven’t slept for more than 3 hours in a row (and rarely more than 2.5) since February.  This is not doing wonders for my mood.  Supposedly he’s big enough not to need to eat that often anymore, so we may try to deal with this in some way, but while I’m a heartless monster about crying to sleep during the day (which happens at nearly every nap), I have very low tolerance for being screamed at during the night.  We tried not nursing him back to sleep at one wake up on Saturday night (albeit not in a very well-thought-out manner), and boy did that suck worse than nursing.  The status quo suddenly didn’t look so terrible.
  • If he’d just stop believing the day begins at 5, I’d be happier.
  • But I have to admit it was pretty cute this morning when Sugar and I were trying to pretend he wasn’t awake and he was lying between us, singing.
  • Singing!  This kid kills me.
  • In exciting/terrifying news, we are seeing the beginnings of locomotion around here.  Right now we’re in the “I want that toy that’s in front of me OH NO WHY AM I GOING BACKWARDS???!???!!” stage, which would be funny if I were the kind of terrible mother who would laugh at her child’s agony.
  • I have also seen, several times in the past couple of days, full rising onto hands and knees.  The laughing shoe will be on the other agonized foot shortly, it would seem, as our apartment is about as baby-proofed as a china shop in a coal mine.
  • In the interests of finding novel methods of containment, we’ve set up the (inevitable) Stokke chair, and the Bean LOVES it.  I was going to put in a rant about how the stupid baby seat isn’t going together properly (so that he fits now but won’t for long) and customer service was being enraging, but it turns out I was in touch with global customer service by mistake.  While I was seething, a nice lady from American customer service called and is sending out a new version of the relevant bits.  Does this mean Americans expect more coddling than other people and are spoiled?  Maybe.
  • At his four-month appointment, the Bean’s doctor (who is wonderful and needs a good blog name but meanwhile please ask me if you’re looking for a pediatrician in Brooklyn) said we could start giving him food if we wanted.  We’re interested in baby-led weaning, but open to a little coercion, in the interests of more food and less formula when I go back to work.  (Pipe dream!  But never mind!)  We’ve been letting him taste things, which is pretty cute.  I don’t think he’s swallowed anything yet, but strawberries, cheese and crackers, mango lassis, and oatmeal cookies have all been aggressively grabbed for and shoved into mouth.
  • Yes, I am ruining the child forever by letting him taste things with sugar.  More on this another time, but the quickly: have you tasted breastmilk?  Mine, at any rate, is basically creme brulee.

Dalai Lama Goes To The PediatricianThe Bean at his four-month appointment, doing his best lama impersonation.

Breastmilk brings us nicely back to the proper subject of this blog, ME.  Sheesh, Bean, get your own blog.

  • My supply has not come all the way back, post-stupidfuckingbackalready period.  Whee.
  • Eating oatmeal helps a great deal, as long as I eat a whole lot of it.  I am getting royally sick of oatmeal.
  • I’m feeling somewhat embittered about this whole breastfeeding business, and right now, oatmeal is what I’m willing to do in terms taking things to increase supply.  I know there are teas and supplements and domiperidone in the world; I know.  Maybe  seems terribly ungrateful to those with bigger supply worries, but I’m just feeling burnt out on pills and such right now.  I hate herbal tea, and the hippy-but-not-dippy LC has warned me off fenugreek because of my problems with hypoglycemia.
  • Oatmeal experiments are constantly underway chez Bionique.  Oatmeal with a hard boiled egg and soy sauce smells like boiled ass but tastes pretty good (especially with a little butter); sriracha is okay once in a while.  Salsa verde is less successful.  Today I went with my mother’s (and great, great-grandfather’s) method of uncooked oats with cold milk.  Not bad.
  • Cookies come in handy, too.
  • ..which may explain why I’ve gained three pounds.  Though I think the carb-heavy breakfast and, more to the point, eating something because it is what I’m supposed to eat rather than what my body wants that day is as much if not more to blame.  Sigh.  I hope I get back to pre-pregnancy weight some day, as I miss my clothes very much.  I am beginning to doubt this will ever happen; I’ve been in the range of halfway there for a long time.  I am trying (with mixed success) to tell myself that feeding my child is more important than how I look.

Okay, I realize this post is not my greatest work, but I can feel the headache creeping back in steel-toed boots, so in the interest of ever getting anything up, I’m posting it now.  Next project will be getting the beach pictures on to flickr so I can show you how utterly the Bean rocked his sunglasses.

16 thoughts on “August Is For Items

  1. May I suggest oatmeal cookies? That sounds like the perfect answer to me. And also, if every mother fed their babies mango lassis along with mother’s milk, the world would quickly become a peaceful, orderly paradise. In my opinion, at least.

  2. Best work or not, I love this post. And the Bean…he’s even cuter than when I had the pleasure of meeting him. Too bad we don’t live closer because my MO these day is to be up between 4-7am, so I’d be happy to spend that time hanging with him instead of watching mind numbing TV 🙂


    And, I totally understand the baby-led weaning and being eager to have the bean on solid foods but everything I read recommended waiting until after 6 months. and strawberries were one of the few things that we decided to hold off on after reading all the allergy stuff…

    • thank you — and i probably should write a real post about all the food stuff, especially since all the recommendations about timing and allergies have changed recently — but we’re happy with the advice from our doctor on this one.

  4. ack! i love that he snuck a picture in the middle of your post! that is too sweet!!! :~D

    also love your description of your breastmilk! i think mine is along the lines of melted vanilla ice cream!

    re: baby led weaning, we had a bad experience with that. others have had better/more positive experiences though, so who knows… i’d just advise to be careful.

  5. Love this post!

    I am a huge fan of uncooked rolled oats in plain yoghurt (preferably the Greek-style fatty type) with berries. Yum.

    E. is totally rocking the 45 minute naps now, but at least they are in the crib (mostly). He is sleeping really well at night, though, so I can’t complain (and I’m sorry the Bean is still on a three hour wakeup). That sucks. Are they sporadic wakeups or at the same time each night? I read somewhere that sporadic ones are usually hunger driven, while same time wakeups are habitual (and thus might be easier to deal with if you want to avoid nursing). Have you had any luck getting him to feed longer at the feeds? (Says she, who has a baby who PASSES OUT after five minutes, no matter what she does). Sorry I don’t have more helpful assvice.

    I’m keen on baby-led weaning too, so will be eager to see your food post!

    I love that he is singing, and propelling himself backwards. E. is one busy baby when awake- arms and legs always flailing, so I expect he will be a terror as soon as he can move independently.

    And I love the pic. Gosh he is cute.

  6. We started purees (rice cereal, veggies, fruit) at 5 months. I read in some book somewhere recently that they should only have purees til 7 months. I’ve occasionally let one of them suck on a a chunk of food (watermelon, a bit of bread) but it led to a minor choking incident. We’re all about baby-led weaning but my sense is right now they are still too young to really try ti. At least, my duo are.
    We still (at 6 months, but I guess 4.5-5 months adjusted) follow the up for 1.5-2 hours then down to nap system. Some days they take three naps (and if you squint a schedule is starting to emerge) but lots of days they take 4 40-minute naps. I’ll take it, but it doesn’t leave a girl time to get much done!
    Sorry the nights are still so tough. Tiny is just about sleeping through and we’ve been in hell recently with the Lion. We are cry-it-outers (because we are heartless bitches who don’t love our children) but we’d only been doing it during the day for naps and at bedtime, not for middle of the night wake ups. But last night we started it again with our Lion. Cried for 50 minutes at 1am. That sucked. Hoping for a better result tonight. Kid is 6 months old (sort of) and close to 16 pounds. He does not need the boob at 1am. 4:45am…fine. But not 1. Or 12:30. It’s tough though. So much easier to let them cry when you are awake. So much harder at 1am when you are trying to sleep and know you could get him back down with 5 minutes of breastfeeding. If you aren’t ready to push yourselves, don’t sweat it. You gotta do it when you are ready for it.

  7. I know this wasn’t the point of your post, but I was wondering if other people’s breastmilk tasted different than mine did. I just couldn’t think of a polite way to ask. So thank you! Mine tasted exactly like the milk left over in your bowl after you have a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.

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  9. Ugh, sorry about the migraines. Not cool.

    You are a brave woman to try all of those oatmeal concoctions. I love me some steel cut oats, and ate them with blueberries and (LOTS of) brown sugar during most of my pregnancy, but I don’t think I’m game for sriracha. (Spell check says spaetzle. Maybe you could give that a shot as well?)

    Would love to see some ocean pics! 🙂

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