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Something Lousy, Something Sweet


Hello, darlings. Part Five is coming along. This week, I hope.

I am thinking of you, all the same. In the interests of keeping you from thinking your RSS feeds have just up and died, here are two quick things for you:

1. Turns out that “exclusive breast-feeding keeps your period away” stuff is just one more thing on the list of things that aren’t really true, at least not for me. Four months, almost to the day: that’s what I got for sticking with it through the early crap and the later horrors. And lochia for six of those weeks, if we’re counting. (Yes, of course there are other benefits to breastfeeding, but frankly, that one was high on the list for me.) Sigh. It’s light, but I seem to have new ways to have cramps. Neat.

1a. This explains the lying-on-the-floor-weeping-about-being-fat that dominated last week.

1b. This also explains The Bean’s adding feedings for the last week. At this point, it seems like I scarcely have any milk at all. He nurses all the time, but doesn’t get anything after the first couple of minutes. Weeping ensues, and he’s not too happy, either. Add “unhappy baby + hormonal disaster mother” to “human female pelvis vs. human newborn skull circumference” in your dossier of anti-Intelligent Design arguments.

2. Happy talk! A friend pointed me in the direction of the consummately cute butches + babies. You should check it out and submit your pictures. I sent in this one of the 6-day-old Bean with BFF’s partner. It’s already hard to believe how little he was.


19 thoughts on “Something Lousy, Something Sweet

  1. I’m so sorry breastfeeding has been so difficult. It’s such a punch to the gut when that happens. No one should ever judge you for doing whatever you need to do to get your baby fed, least of all not yourself. Hang in there. Nutella got her period 5 months after giving birth, and was BFing the whole time, too. It’s a total myth.

  2. chapter 1 of our babies, ourselves has a fascinating discussion of the evolutionary aspects of childbirth. i got bored with the book halfway through chapter 2, but the first chapter was fascinating.

    sorry about your period and decreased milk supply. 😦

    and, of course, i’m looking forward to the next installment. we’ll see how long it takes me to get around to writing a birth story. 🙂

  3. Yup. Total bullshit. Got my period six months in with my first (although solids had been introduced slightly) and four months in with my second who was still exclusively on the boob. WTF. Don’t worry, the supply will increase again when you stop bleeding, or at least that is how it seemed to me. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the birth story.

  4. Love the photo (he really was so tiny!) and sorry about the returning period. I guess it might be comforting to know why you were feeling a mess, but still…I hadn’t quite thought about how long my period would stay gone, but I guess I’ll now officially give up any ideas I might have had about such a thing.

  5. Love the photo! Crap on the retuning period– that sucks majorly. I was looking forward to that one, too. So, perhaps, screw it– I’ll pump and C can do night feeds! Sorry about the supply issues and general other crappiness with breastfeeding. Can you still call the non-dippy LC?

  6. What a total RIP OFF! (And here I was, almost convinced by I.D.) I’m so sorry, and I can’t believe you’re facing a new feeding challenge after all that misery. NOT FAIR. I’m hoping it’s just a temporary couple-day glitch and soon you’ll be gushing like a fire hydrant. You know, when they uncap it, not when it’s just sitting there. And what a charming site! Of course, none of the other babies compares to The Bean…

  7. I don’t mean to chuckle at your pain, but I had to laugh at the lying-on-the-floor-weeping-about-being-fat line because that is me when I am pms-ing. Maybe not weeping for a whole week, but I usually get a few dips into the self hate pool before every period.

  8. I have two friends who both got their periods back within three months of giving birth, even while breast feeding exclusively. I’m actually quite curious to see what will happen with me, given the whole “don’t ovulate ever” routine pre-pregnancy.

    I’m sorry breastfeeding is still causing problems. E. is currently doing this thing in the late afternoon/evening feeds where he pulls off and screams and flails. Can’t figure out if it is gas, or anger at lack of supply, or boredom, or what. But usually switching to nursing while lying down makes him happy as a clam. Babies are weird.

  9. I got mine 8 weeks after giving birth– after bleeding non-stop post-birth for 4. Biology is a bitch. I blame my sister, who got hers 6 weeks after giving birth (we gave birth within 5 days of each other)– after bleeding non-stop post-birth for 4 after a C-section. It is patently unfair that someone should bleed vaginally after having a C-section. No one told her that would still happen.

  10. And OMG! I can finally post in your comments section now! This is Melody– have been continuing to read but unable to comment for MONTHS!

  11. Oh poor Bionic. I am hoping very fervently that things are improved now because, really, weeping on the floor, that sounds bloody awful.
    Be well.

    (I did try to work in a none plus singular verb, too, so I could be all clever like bunny. After some brain-racking, though, I have decided to embrace being dim.)

  12. Boo on the return of the red tide. That sucks donkeys balls.

    But I am waiting with fervent anticipation of installment 5. What is this reduction in vaginas of which you speak….

  13. Well, blah.

    Love the photo site too (and Baby G there!!! so cute!), and may I say (shallow as this is) some of those people have some hair that I seriously covet. I’d look like a Chia pet, though, if I tried it. A pregnant Chia pet.

  14. hm, I heard that it was night-time wakings and not bfing that kept it at bay…is there any chance the silver lining is that the bean is sleeping well?!?…assuming that I have the correlation correct, I am due to get my period when Izzy is going to college…

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA!! if only, friend. if.fucking.only.

      every three hours, except when it’s every two. full feed, every time.

      (and i have it coming: thanks to night terrors, i didn’t sleep through the night until…oh, 14?)

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