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Inside Baseball


Sorry for the relative lack of vagina news in this post, but:

Any wordpress experts out there? I’m trying to move the blog, for the same reasons everyone does plus righteous indignation at the late blogger unpleasantness. I set up the new one (even shelled out for the fancy, no-.wordpress address) and I’ve run the importer multiple times over several days in different browsers, but all that ever comes through is the post titles and the names of the people who commented, no actual content. I’ve written WP about it but haven’t heard anything. (Grumble, grumble.)
Also: The Bean slept for 4.5 contiguous hours last night, during our normal sleeping hours. Whoo! Sadly, my brain decided that I should be awake to witness it. WTF, insomnia?
Ah, well. Maybe he’ll do it again someday.

2 thoughts on “Inside Baseball

  1. No clue about the wordpress stuff. Good luck.

    I was reading through the last couple of posts. Bean is absolutely gorgeous…even my 14 yr old was sucked in by his cuteness.

  2. i exported my entire blog and all the comments under the basic settings panel in blogger and saved it as an xml file on my hard drive. i then imported the file into wordpress. worked like a charm for me, not sure if you've been trying the same thing.

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