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Early Notes


Hi folks. Thank you for all the well-wishing. It is very appreciated. We are, predictably, tired, overwhelmed, and very, very happy.

You shall have a real post one of these days, but for now, a few notes and some pictures:

Note: Epidurals are really, really wonderful things. I have altered my original position towards those who would discourage their use (not those who would not choose them, which is entirely different) from anger to cold, murderous rage. More on this later.

Note: Anemia is a really sucky thing. My deep sympathies to those of you who run in this direction. I’ve never been like this before, and sweet mother of pearl, I hope it’s over soon.

Note: There must be some non-dippy lactation consultants out there, but they don’t seem to work for Kips Bay Mega Hospital. Breastfeeding is going pretty well now, no particular thanks to the class we attended, at which we learned a lot of vague and racist stuff about women’s huts in “traditional societies” like “China…and, um, India.” Quoth Sugar: I’ve been to China. They live in high-rises. We also learned the terribly pertinent information that, “if you swaddled newborn puppies, they would DIE.” The more you know.

Note: All those ridiculous things people say about their babies? About how their particular pooping raisin is the most beautiful, most perfect, smells heavenly, and so clever already? Yeah, it turns out that’s all true — only it’s true of our son, not theirs. (We will not discuss how I may have found myself transfixed by emerging meconium.)

Note: Sugar has had occasion already to learn that diapering goes a lot better if you remember, after undressing and un-velcroing and cleaning and ointmenting but before re-dressing, to put an actual diaper on the baby.

Sugar and the squeaker are snoozing next to me, and it’s about time to hit the hay myself. So. Pictures. Soon we will make the inevitable move to wordpress and put up some with us in them, because there are some of Sugar that you simply must see. (Pro-tip: you can also see some if you click over to flickr — thanks to those of you who’ve warned us about this breech, but we’ve decided that we aren’t worried if y’all find out our true identities; the pseudonyms and so forth are to keep bosses, etc., from finding this place with a quick google.) We’ll get you his name in some non-googleable way, too. xo

Working On His Dance Cycle
Rehearsing his dance cycle.

Pope in Oven Mitts
We call this look Pope in Oven Mitts

Thank heavens for internet people! The Bean’s first bed, courtesy of Shelli. Wardrobe by Schroe (all pictures — yeah, we were totally prepared, why?).

Nanny Michaela
Michaela is taking her nannying very seriously.

The Creature Regarded Him Balefully
Orson is less convinced.

22 thoughts on “Early Notes

  1. Congratulations, again! The baby is lovely and the pictures are really great. Love your sense of humor.

  2. What's a dippy LC like?

    “cold murderous rage” lol can't wait to hear that one.

  3. You do have a very adorable son! One blogger edited a photo in photoshop or paint with the baby's name written in the photo, like a watermark–that would be a non-googlable way to tell us his name! And if you move to WP will we need to send you our email addresses to get invites or will it still be a public blog?

  4. Aaaaww!

    He's so sweeeeet. Well done, mamas. Very pleased for you. Feel better. xx

  5. He is absolutely beautiful. And I'm so happy for all of you. Here's to quick healing for your body. And I already can't wait for your next blog post (you know, in between the sleep deprivation and the baby gazing and the diapering and the feeding and the loving).

  6. Awww so adorable. Can't wait to hear more of your stories. 🙂

  7. OMG I love the pope in Oven Mitts look. That baby boy is beautiful.

    We can't wait to hear that birth story and know all about the “cold murderous rage” LOL

  8. Oh, he is just too precious!

  9. I have a whole massive newborn-puppy-swaddling operation in my basement, and very few of them have died. SO THERE.

    His Holiness is such a precious darling! Truly beatific. And yes, please tell me more about how breastfeeding is going well, because I need to hear it's possible.

  10. Lovely to hear from you. What a gorgeous little man.

    Looking forward to hearing more about various things alluded to in your post. Would also love to know how your cats are coping, as am quite worried that one of mine is going to lose her mind…

  11. He's perfect! Checked your photostream, you both look blissfully happy. Motherhood becomes you both!

  12. Love the pics…how do I find more on flickr? The bean is adorable. Glad the early days are going well so far, can't wait to hear more.

  13. He is sooooooooooo adorable!!! He looks so snuggly and warm. Babies truly melt the heart 🙂 Glad that all is going well so far.

  14. LOVE the photos! What a precious bundle of delicious joy.

  15. I have totally forgotten a diaper in the diapering process. More than once. And he is very cute!

  16. love these! We have some “pope” pictures, too … enjoy!

  17. I love the “pope in oven mitts” LOL. He is precious, and I am glad things are going fairly well 🙂

    As for the anemia, yeah….it blows. Make sure you get your iron and vitamin C!!! And hang in there 🙂

    Congrats, mommas!

  18. He is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the pictures.

  19. That's some seriously cute baby. Great job mamas!

  20. This is what I get for being MIA for so long! Congrats! He's stunning!

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