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This, On The Other Hand


…probably IS bloody show.

And boy, is it bloody.

No need to give me your abruption stories; I’ve already talked to Dr. Skinny in a moderate panic today and she is not worried.

Instead, how about your labor/hospital bag lists? It’s starting to seem like we ought to pack one.

To answer a few questions from the comments:

H2 — Yes, we did the shoot. A picture or two will make it here eventually. Maybe more than a few, if we get our acts together to move to wordpress and passworded posts.

May — Ebola, most likely.

11 thoughts on “This, On The Other Hand

  1. Whoa bloody show! Here we go! Congratulations and GOOD LUCK! Here is an extensive list of birth bag stuff that I just got from my doula. It's long, but I thought it might help.

    #1 FOR LABOR:
    -Purse/Wallet/Health Insurance Card/Photo ID
    -Birth Plan
    -Hair Ties
    -Lip moisturizer
    -Couple pairs of socks
    -Massage oil, lotion
    -Music, iPOD, battery operated boombox
    -(inflated) birth ball
    -Pictures, sacred objects, etc.
    -Relaxation/visualization CD's
    -Towel for the car

    -Thermarest (from REI) to sleep on (trust me)
    -Watch with secondhand or stopwatch
    -Change of clothes
    -Bathing suit for shower
    -Something to read
    -Camera, video camera, film or tape, memory card, extra batteries, charger(s)
    -Blanket for napping

    -Cell phone and charger
    -A fresh nightgown
    -Nursing bra, breast pads, maternity underwear, pads (if you don't want to use the hospital's)
    -Toiletries (ie: toothbrush, deodorant, etc.)
    -An outfit to wear home, flat shoes
    -makeup (?)

    #4 FOR BABY:
    -An infant carseat, properly installed (you can't take the baby home without one)
    -A little outfit for going home
    -A receiving blanket to be wrapped in after birth
    -A pair of socks or booties
    -A cap
    -Baby nail clippers

  2. Hey ya! It is indeed time to pack that bag. No advice there, but Libberal's advice is spectacular. I'm bookmarking this.

    Good luck, mamas! You will do great!


    I have very little of useful at all to advise re: Going To Hospital Bag. Except one friend said she took adorable fluffy slippers to wear on the ward, and they got utterly covered in body fluids and ruined, so make sure everything you pack is washable and/or not fluffy and precious. After all, you'll be coming home with the ULTIMATE in fluffy and precious, so can put up with horrible socks while you're in there.

    And pads. The hospital ones are the size, shape, and consistency of BRICKS. But you will need the super-huge night-cover extra-long deluxe pads, and lots of them. Giving birth is heck-of-a-messy.

    Also, things for Sugar to eat. My aunt who was a midwife tells me most partners faint at the end simply because they haven't eaten anything out of nerves or solidarity.

    I am wildly excited and will be clicking 'refresh' every hour on the hour. Fingers crossed that all goes well, whether the baby wants to stay in and marinate for another week or so or really wants to be a February baby if possible.

  4. Take your own pillows (with non-white case so they don't get mixed up)

    good luck!! Can't wait for the updates 🙂

  5. Wow. I can't believe it's time (almost). I'll be thinking good thoughts for you all…and refreshing repeatedly.

  6. omg omg omg! I am so excited 🙂 Definitely chapstick and lotion. I hear where you are delivering is quite nice, so you probably don't need to pack extra blankets like we did, but you mentioned your fussiness with pillows, and I would suggest you bring your own, with a non-white case so that they don't take it by mistake. Snacky food like power bars if you are fussy like me and refuse hospital food on principle. Big overnight pads (I have tons left over I would happily give you if you want.) Warm snuggly socks/slippers. A robe you never want to see again. Quarters for vending machines just in case. Clothes to bring the baby home in. Towels if you are fussy about size & texture. Writing paper & pen. And important: bring an extra duffel for 1) all the stuff you will steal from the hospital (those receiving blankets are the best, and I am still using everything I took, even those little pink barf tubs!) and 2) the gifts that people will bring you.

    omg omg omg!!

  7. So exciting!!! (My bloody show was horrifying–I went straight to L & D, and was sent back home. Sigh.)

    Nursing bras
    Baby clothes
    Your own pads
    Any medications that you might need

    Good luck!!!!

  8. Of all those things on that very long list, I used:

    comfy clothes for me, toothbrushes, underwear, baby clothes, apple juice.

    The thing I needed and didn't pack? Waterproof bag to throw up in.

    That's it.

  9. FLIP FLOPS! Hospital showers: grim.

    Excited for you!

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