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the view from here


Yesterday I decided to test out our new storage location for my paint and sketchbooks by getting them out and painting the view across the street. Our living room window looks out over the parking lot next to a church (once an old synagogue) that makes amplified grumbling noises every Sunday morning. On the other side of the parking lot you can see the backs of two 3 story buildings and some old trees. This very Brooklyn view has little resemblance to anything from my childhood, but for some reason the faded blue of one of the buildings and the overhanging trees remind me of a specific short road with a blue Victorian house at the end of it that I would see when I walked to my piano lessons back home.

View across the church parking lot

View across the church parking lot

5 thoughts on “the view from here

  1. I like the light in the first one 🙂

  2. Oooh, atmospheric! Love the brush strokes, the colours, the light. I like the way acrylic does that texture – I presume that's what it is? Are they big?

    Good, good, I feel like doing my work now too. Thanks, Sugar.

  3. I LOVE the first one (and like the second one too), but now I'm missing Brooklyn terribly 😦

  4. thanks everybody!

    Twangy – they are not very large, the top one is something like 8×10 inches and the bottom one about half that size. They are acrylic, which I'm not very used to. My dad gave me a box of acrylics (actually he keeps giving me boxes of them) because he found a book of sketches by Christian Schellenwald that were done with ink and acrylic and now he's obsessed. I do love the book: LA/SF

  5. Ink and acrylic, intriguing. I am messing with that now, coincidentally. Love LA/SF. Thanks, Sugar.

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